Fathers Day #2 & other random updates

We had a nice Fathers Day despite the rain.

Hailey and I got up nice and early (okay, this part I wasn't so thrilled about) and made a big breakfast for Pete. Our new favorite way of having eggs is scrambled with fresh basil, mozzarella and some red pepper thrown in. Yummy. We also had waffles with strawberries and since it was Pete's special day, we had some bacon. I've been really into making breakfast these days and I just love eating it. I have a feeling my pregnancy weight gain is going to pick up a notch with all the maple syrup I've been consuming. I thought about eliminating the syrup and having a whipped cream topping...but call me lazy or just plain addicted to syrup...we have yet to try the whipped cream option. I did however finish off the box of fruit loops I bought last week and have vowed not to buy any more sugared cereal during this pregnancy. It was a weak moment at the grocery store and having those in the house was horribly good - as in...2 bowls of sugared cereal a day...you get the picture.

We skipped church and Pete slept in until 9am (we usually go to the 9:00 service so Hailey can take a late morning nap after church). I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast while Pete and Hailey played together downstairs. When Hailey went down for a nap I made oatmeal raisin cookies - one of Pete's favorites!
We went to the kid's museum in Factoria after Hailey's nap and played around. The water play area is her favorite part - surprisingly she managed to stay mostly dry today. Then we went to good old red robin where Hailey charmed our table neighbors with smiles and funny faces. We got a balloon and headed to the rack for some Hailey shoes. I still haven't found the pair of Stride-rite's I bought and had all of 2 weeks before I lost them. It's driven me nearly insane. I hope I find them at some point for baby #2 to wear in the future. That gives me some time to uncover them at least - if I lost them in the house that is (I can't seem to figure out how they could possibly be here though - I've searched EVERYWHERE!!).

We headed home nice and worn out and all three of us took naps. It was soooo nice to nap.

We woke up from our naps around 5:15 and loaded up to go visit my dad and have a nice dinner with him (thanks mom!).

Pete is now playing the xbox and enjoying his 'do nothing' day. I'm calling it a do nothing day because we have a list of projects that are constantly looming over our heads and today I thought he deserved a day off from even talking about them. :)

Last night we were painting doors in the garage together (earlier in the day yesterday we picked out and brought home base trim for the whole house). Pete didn't want to install the doors (which we've had for over a month now) until we had all the trim so now we're one step closer. We still have to paint all the doors and all the trim... Projects galore to get done before this baby arrives I tell you!! Last weekend we managed to fit some housework in before and after graduation celebrations for Pete's little sister Kendra (she graduated from high school - and celebrate we did!). :) Then back to scrubbing the deck and weeding we went...
So anywho... I've felt a bit off today - my baby belly is HUGE now and it felt as if it was contracting all day. Well, this evening I am pretty sure little baby #2 (name still not final) has flipped and is now head down. I guess it was quite a process because all day I felt short of breath and like my belly was 50 lbs (even picking up Hailey has seemed like a huge chore). Baby #2 seemed to be in the same position for quite a long time as I've only ever felt kicks on the lower left side and an occasional tapping of hands on the right. Dinner tonight was filled with large objects (pretty sure they were feet) surfacing on the right side (pretty high compared to where they were on the left) and now there is lots of lighter tapping down lower (hands I'm assuming). It was strange feeling those feet on my right side!

So speaking of the baby, baby #2 that is, Pete suggested a couple names today: Bunny and Hamburgler. Yup. This is the reason we have not been able to settle on a name. Pete still has so many great suggestions up his sleeves he just doesn't want to call it quits before he gets them all out there for consideration. We have 2 good finalists as of now - until Pete comes up with something better than Hamburgler anyway...

My midwife visits have moved from once a month to every two weeks - ACK! This is flying by. I'm 28 weeks now and at my appointment last Thursday my midwife went over the 'what to pack' list and told me I need to be prepared early in case we're well, early. What to PACK?!? It hit me on the way home from my appointment that this really could happen any day. I mean, I hope baby stays in there for a while longer (2 months please!), but really....the way she's been so active makes me think she's going to break the bag of waters too early. She was head up at my appointment btw and her feet were on my left and hands on the right as I already described above.

We had finally decided that we would like to go to the birth center for the birth and then I found out from my midwife that we can change our minds the day of and tell them to come to us if I don't want to face the car ride. Hmmm...good to know I have that option. I've been so up in the air over the idea of having a home birth - maybe when I'm in the moment I'll be ready to commit one way or another. ;P

In other news, Hailey has been under the weather all this past week. She had a fever last Sunday night and still has coughs and a runny nose as of today. It's gotten better and better as the week has come and gone so I'm hoping it clears up all the way real soon. She's been a bit off and seems to take after me when I'm sick. What am I like when my immune system is under attack you ask? Just a little helpless and pathetic. :) I like to be cuddled and spoiled and it seems Hailey likes to take advantage of the situation and get as many cuddles out of the deal as possible. I like that part. Sometimes she just wanders around hugging my legs as I'm trying to cook dinner... The part that's been rather funny has been the fake fits she throws. I haven't decided if this is just a 'sick' thing or if it's just a new tantrum trick she will continue to use. I want to get a picture of her face when she does it...she wrinkles it up all funny and wines like she's miserable (but the next minute she is totally fine). She seems to do this if say...she doesn't get what she wants immediately. We are currently reading Love and Logic and hoping to get a good foundation to build from so we start off on the right foot with discipline and all that goes with raising nice well behaved kids. It can be confusing to figure out just how to handle some situations (i.e. the food throwing she does to indicate that she's done eating - telling her 'no' doesn't work and honestly sometimes we have a really really hard time not busting up laughing because she's so cute and funny when she misbehaves)!

So I guess those are my thoughts for now. This pregnancy is flying by. I feel huge. And I will sign off leaving you with a cute picture of Hailey. I just love her soft hair - it's getting so long!