Flexing & Status

So....this is a gross picture of me, but it's pretty amazing of my belly. Jenny had posted a pic of her belly from the top down with abs flexed - so here's a new perspective. Once Pete took this picture and I saw it I couldn't stop laughing at how silly it looks. I was hoping I wasn't crushing our poor girl...Pete reminded me that her bones are soft. haha

Also, we went to the birth center today. In order to have a birth center birth my iron level has to be above 30. Guess what it was??? 30.1! They did another draw today to see if it's still up - I'm hoping it is despite not getting the shot last week. Her heart rate is still 140 (same as always) and she's in position sitting nice and low. I got my shot of iron and it was all good news today (other than getting a shot and a blood draw - but I'm getting used to all the poking now)!