Florence....where I get cultured

We left Venice today. We enjoyed our stay in Venice, but it was time to move on. We got lost quite a few times in Venice, but managed to find our way to the train station without a hitch.

We saw David today...and a bunch of paintings and statues. We also walked through the market.

It may come as a surprise to some, but I have yet to purchase anything while on this trip (other than food). I've been tempted many times by purses, paintings, journals and SHOES...but I keep remembering that we have to lug stuff around and I don't want to carry any more than we have to. The empty duffle bag that we brought ended up packed full of food and diapers when we left the house(not so empty)...and now that the food is dwindling down I can't bear the thought of filling it with something else.

My favorite part of our trip so far was Varenna. It was small, quiet, beautiful and felt like the perfect place to retire and live the simple life.

We have had gelato every day.

We are staying at "The Bellevue House" in Florence - the name sold us (so did the price = budget).

Venice was dirty.

Everyone in Venice and Florence smoke. YUCK.

I'm only on my 2nd pair of socks in 6 days....

Hailey is still getting compliments everywhere we go. Pete is careful to wash her hands when he can.

Hailey and I have both had colds since the start of our trip, but we're getting over it and not letting it slow us down.

My time is running out....so I'm posting this now. :)