Girl Talk

Pete and I went to the Renton antique stores on Sunday. This mirror was waiting for an owner...but it was $28 and Pete thought that was too much. I took a picture with my phone and we went on our merry way.

I kept thinking about the mirror throughout the today during lunch time we headed down to the store and picked up this gem. Someone (either Pete or Kim) had mentioned to me that you can make offers at antique stores - I had no idea! With this in mind I offered $20 and after hmm-ing and hawing the gentleman said 'ok'. Success!

The mirror is screwed onto the border and the border piece is plastic - perfect for taking apart and painting! Not sure what color we'll paint it yet. The room colors I am thinking of doing are white, red and black. I found a white crib I like at JcPenny...we'll see. I'm keeping my eyes on CL in the meantime.

I am looking into using some wall decals and like quite a few owl on branch ones... I also love this one and think it would be a cool theme to carry the room:
I've been searching around for bedding (I know, I have 4.5 months left still!) and was a bit sad upon discovering that most of the baby bedding out there is either pink or blue! ACK! Looks like I might have a fun sewing project for my mom (you know, since my sewing hobby only lasted 2 days). ;)
The search for baby things started with the *need* to find a bassinet. Thanks to craigslist I found this one - made of cherry and extra big. It will go in our bedroom. Many thanks to my mom and dad for making the long drive and picking this up for us while I was in California and Pete was at work! Ella was over last night and did a great job of warming it up for Hailey*.
I couldn't resist these cute little outfits I found while shopping with Kim at a consignment shop in Issaquah. Ug...I'm going to have to stay out of the stores - some things are just way too tempting! At least they are used items so I felt as if I got a good deal. ;) Look how cute those little tights are!!

Anyway, that's it for now. I think I must be entering the nesting stage a little early and my decorating buds are now kicking into high gear. Or maybe it's just that it's so much fun to look at baby things when you know what you're looking for. :)

*In case you are wondering... we have had our first daughters name picked out since the very beginning of the pregnancy. We actually had names for our twin girls figured out from the start (you know, just in case). We never really talked about boy names...and when we did happen to force the subject, Pete would come up with the most ridiculous names that no sane person would name a child. Strange and amazing how it all worked out.

Her name will be:
Hailey Madison Myron