Going Cheap

I love a good deal.

Pete hates spending money on anything.

I love decorating a house.

Pete thinks decorating is a waste of money.

We bought a 1980's house that had original light fixtures.

I wanted new light fixtures.

Pete didn't want to spend money on light fixtures.

We found basic light fixtures at Costco for $5 each - I convinced Pete that these would be better than what we had (little did I know).

Pete installed the lights sometime last winter.

More than HALF the time I flip a switch to turn on a light it DOESN'T turn on - it makes this high pitched noise right after the light flashes on then off. Then I have to wait and turn the switch off and on again usually 2 more times before the light will actually come on.

Thankfully we found 2 nicer new in box light fixtures when we were at St. Vincent De Paul one day and we scored them for $2.50 each. Pete replaced the fixture in Hailey's room and I love it. The other fixture is sitting on the floor in the man cave and has been for months. I just tried to turn on the hall light and it flaked out. That's why I decided I must sit and post a rant about it here.

Sometimes YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And other times you get lucky and find awesome deals at thrift stores (my secret hobby). Now if only I can convince Pete to switch out the hall light already....