Hailey - 2.5 years

Hailey is two and a half now and so hilarious. But if I had to describe her in one word it would be: SWEET!

She is always:

  • saying, "I love you mommy/daddy/charlotte, I missed you!"
  • counting things. The other morning she counted all the way to 26 with only a little help on a few numbers (18 and 23 I think). We had no idea she could count that high though!!!
  • singing her abc's. She now knows all the letters and can identify them. She even seems to know a few words (our names) when she sees them. I write one of the following "Hailey, Charlotte, Daddy, Mommy, Pete, puppy, pigeon" and she calls out what it says. Any time she sees a C she excitedly says, "C mommy! C Charlotte!!!!"
  • cutting paper... she's good at cutting itty bitty little pieces of paper. I then get to patrol the area for the little pieces so that Charlotte doesn't end up eating it all.
  • singing and humming. She is currently singing 'like a diamond in the sky..." and humming parts of it.
  • playing with Charlotte. She is so good to her little sis! She brings Charlotte toys if she is crying and gives her lots of hugs and kisses and tells her, "it's okay Charlotte".

  • eating. She asks all day for snacks (which she gets regularly) and I swear she eats more than me. She's a bottomless pit!
  • talking about people she likes. Frequent ones are, Lita, Papa Don, Mama (my mom), Aunt Kari, Uncle Jason, Aunt Kim, Uncle Dave, Cousins Sylvia, Ella, and Gigi and her friends Ella, Sebastian, and Tessa.
  • wearing tutu's. I try to have her wear other things, but she insists on tutu's EVERY day.
  • praying. It's super cute, she prays for her friends randomly...like during the middle of dinner, she'll fold her hands together and bow her head and start spouting off a bunch of stuff. Hilarious and sweet.
  • barefoot. Her shoes can often be found scattered in the yard.
  • will do anything for chocolate!
  • drawing. She's been into drawing faces lately. Here's a video from when she first started drawing faces:

  • picking raspberries and strawberries from our yard. She LOVES going outside to look for ripe fruit!

Her favorite color is: Green (that's what she's claimed for the last 2 weeks anyway!)

I'll probably come back and edit this later, but we're running out the door... See ya!