Hailey Madison - 2 years old

Hailey's vocabulary has completely exploded lately (she says new words every day now). She says things like "got it" after I ask her if she understands something (like why she had to have a time out and that it's not okay to hit). She also says "no way!" and says "excuse me" after she sneezes or if she needs to get around you. She's very polite with her please and thank yous. Pete recently taught her how to use possessive forms "mommy's shoe" and she seems to know when to use the plural versions of words "ducks". She's constantly saying things and we don't understand everything she says, but she certainly thinks we should as she repeats the same thing over and over. The other day in the car she kept saying "I want a teetchee" over and over and I couldn't figure it out - "what do you want Hailey?" "I want a teetchee". We got home and she pointed up to some bunny snacks that she thinks are cookies and she said it again....ah, cookie - that's what she was saying that whole time.

Hailey is always humming or singing the alphabet song. She quite often replaces that letters with words like, "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" and sings it all to the alphabet tune. I need to work on some other songs with her. I tend to be a bit dead in the song realm...and she never really liked it when I sang to her as a baby (Charlotte on the other hand LOVES it when I sing to her). I mean, I've certainly sang different songs to her, but I'm not all that good at remembering words to songs, so I end up making stuff up half the time. Pete laughs at me and likes to hear me try to sing songs. Hailey has been making up her own songs lately, it's pretty cute.

She knows almost all the letters by sight. She surprised me a couple months ago when we pulled up to the doctors office and she said "D" and was pointing to the building letter. Wow! She has favorite letters right now... I, N, and O. She also is in love with the number 2. She loves to hold up her two fingers and say "TWO" when you ask her how old she is or is going to be. Yup, she says she's 2 right now (her birthday is on Sunday). She also randomly says "2, 3, 2" and though she can say one, she always skips it when counting.

Hailey is a great bigger sister. She is helpful and brings Charlotte toys throughout the day. If Charlotte cries, she finds a pacifier and shoves it in Charlotte's mouth and tells her "it's okay baby". Every once in a while Hailey pushes Charlotte out of her way or says "no baby!" as she steals a toy from her - these outbursts are usually when Hailey is nearing nap time and she's overall a bit ornery. If we miss a nap time, she gets a bit hyper and crazy...it's funny, but then she'll have a random outburst and do something wrong, like hit me in the face (that's rare, but it has happened!). Thankfully we usually get her down for a nap, but there are times when it doesn't happen (like on our recent trip to Hawaii) and in those times she acts out.
Hailey can almost dress herself all the way now. She put on pants and a shirt almost all by herself the other day. She did need help with the top because she started putting her arm through the neck hole, but other than that, she did it all. We got her some crocs while in Hawaii because the sandals I had brought her were too big and she was having a hard time walking in them. Anyway, I think I'm in love with crocs for kids! She can put them on all by herself and she likes wearing them! She is always putting socks on her hands - she loves her sock mittens.
Hailey is a good eater and is good with a fork and spoon. We don't usually make her special food - she eats what we eat. Sometimes she doesn't eat much of her meal, but that's fine and we make sure she knows that what's on the table is what's for dinner, so if she wants to eat dinner that night, she needs to eat the food prepared. She eventually will pick at it and more often than not she discovers that she likes whatever food it is that she had been refusing. One thing she doesn't care for is turkey meat. She loves chicken and steak though. She eats shrimp sometimes and also enjoys salmon and any white fish she's tried. She loves broccoli and green beans still. She will eat carrots and surprisingly she really likes mushrooms (I hated mushrooms as a kid and refused to eat them). She still likes bananas and apples and pears...those are kind of staples in her diet as far as fruit goes. She is a big fan of cheese too...
She loves coloring. She draws circles and scribbles all over in her drawing book. She likes to flip the pages to find a blank page to color on. She'll leave a mark on the new page and keep flipping to more blank pages. Thankfully I had found some journals at Ikea for $.25/each and I bought 10 of them...so we just keep one of those books on her little coloring table and she goes to town. She's only really colored on the wall once a few months ago. It was pretty, I should have taken a picture! If I'm remembering right, she used orange and green and scribbled as high as her arm would reach. Thankfully it came off with a magic eraser.
Hailey LOVES posing for the camera. She will sometimes grab the little point and shoot and hand it too me all while making the most awesome cheesy smiley face. Almost any time there's a camera pointed at her she squints her eyes a little and smiles. Once in a while she gets a bit shy and turns or runs away from the camera. Her newest thing is to make a frowning face for the camera (see above) - she cracks us up!

Speaking of getting shy, Hailey is usually shy around new people. If someone says hi to her and she's not in the mood for meeting new people she'll make a serious face and either look down or she'll turn her whole body away from that person. Hailey does warm up to new people pretty fast though. Sometimes as we're leaving a store where someone has been trying to talk to her, she'll yell "BYE!" really loudly as we walk away from the person.

Hailey still sucks her two fingers and has added in a nose picking third finger. IT'S. SO. GROSS. :( We try and try to get her to stop, but as soon as she's tired, her fingers go in her mouth and she starts massaging the inside of her nose with her ring finger. It just happened one day and since then, it stuck and with it, boogers stuck to her face/finger. So gross. She's so cute, but this habit makes me want to throw up. Her teeth are pulled out on the side she sucks her fingers on (she sucks on her left fingers most of the time). I think she'd have a perfect little smile if she hadn't done the finger sucking thing. We wash her hands quite frequently since she touches everything and then puts her fingers in her mouth. She never really took the pacifier when she was little, and we wish we'd forced it on her a bit more than we had as we've learned with Charlotte that taking a pacifier is a habit that can be learned (Charlotte refused at first, but we keep shoving it in there and now she's becoming a little dependent on it rather than her fingers).
Most days Hailey fusses if I try to do anything with her hair. She has such a nice head of hair...a nice gentle curl (Pete and I both have stick straight hair - so it's a bit odd that both our girls have curls in their hair). Sometimes I get lucky and Hailey agrees to have me put her hair up. I have to be super quick or she'll start screaming and acting like I'm pulling all her hair out. She usually really likes it once her hair is up and she likes having clips holding her bangs back. She often throws a fit when I even try to brush her hair... There are many days that we leave the house without her hair being brushed - thankfully she has such pretty hair that you can't really tell it hasn't been brushed since the day before.

She loves buckling things. This proved to be very convenient when she had gotten in a habit of standing up in her highchair at the table. We would suggest she buckle the belt around herself and she thought it was so fun, she always does it now. She hasn't quite figured out how to get it unbuckled and we're keeping it a secret for now. ;) She also likes to buckle her shoulder straps in her car seat now and gets upset if I'm in a hurry and do it for her.

Hailey loves dancing. She can bust a move to just about any kind of music. She gets down and boogies like no other. I think all the Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Backstreet Boys listening she did while my mother in law Cassandra watched her really helped her dancing skills develop. She cracks us up and we love having dance parties just so we can laugh at her silly moves.

I removed the side of the crib sometime in December and she has done great in her big girl bed. She was SO proud of her big bed - she loves crawling up into bed and being tucked in at night. I bought a crib rail, but it took a couple days to get it and she did so well in her bed that I never put the rail on. She's only fallen out once. It wasn't a big deal, so we just helped her back in bed and reminded her that there's nothing holding her in so to be careful. Hailey usually stays in her bed in the mornings and just sits there calling for us. We yell back, "Hailey, you can get up now" and she crawls down, opens the door and climbs up in bed with the three of us (because by this point in the morning Charlotte is always in bed with us).

Hailey is a cuddly girl. She loves snuggling up on us, giving us lots of hugs and kisses. Every night before bed she gives us all big hugs and kisses. She very sweetly kisses Charlotte on the head and then crawls in bed.
I love our little Hailey-bear so much... I just can't believe how quickly she's growing up. How can she be turning 2 already?!?! I wish I could take a bit of her and bottle it up for later (I guess that's what videos are for).