Halloween 2013

I was a bit tired of going to pumpkin patches this year, as both Hailey and Charlotte's preschool classes had field trips to different pumpkin patches in the area. But...Pete and I still needed pumpkins to carve, and Uncle Jason did too. So we headed to Trinity Farm, because it was close to home and they sell pumpkins. That's right...they sell them, they don't grow them (I guess they tried, but birds kept eating all the seeds). So we went just a few days before Halloween, and many of the pumpkins were rotting and they looked quite picked over. I thought that the field where they had set the pumpkins out was sub-par and so after looking around for a while, we decided to pack it up and find pumpkins elsewhere. I had grown 2 small pumpkins in our garden (which produced so many seeds btw), so Pete and I ended up using those and the girls used the big pumpkins when it came time to carving.

 Pumpkins sitting in a random dirt/weed field = not so exciting.

 Charlotte didn't want to be in a pic.

 Walking away empty without a pumpkin.

We almost forgot to carve pumpkins this year. At 7pm a couple nights before Halloween, we thought we should get busy and carve our pumpkins. It was a school/work night, but we were determined! Here we girls are, posing with our pumpkins (Pete's wasn't finished when we took this pic).

And now for the costumes....

Charlotte was a southern belle and Hailey, a princess pirate.

 They got to wear makeup, which they were SO excited about.

We headed over to Jay & Sarah's for a scrumptious dinner and then we went trick or treating in their neighborhood.

We let the girls eat as much as they wanted to after the trick or treating....and Charlotte ate through ALL of her candy that night.