Happy Anniversary to us!

This is the guy I fell in love with way back in 2006. I loved his nerdy side - he always made me laugh and after our 2 long years of marriage (seems more like 5 at this point) I'm happy to say that he still makes me laugh several times throughout every day. We like to think we're still in the honeymoon phase - not that he's going to stop making me laugh when we're through that!
He's always doing something I don't expect. In the picture above we were supposed to be doing a kissing picture - but this is what happened and that's just the way things go with Pete. It's always exciting.Pete insisted on photoshopping this image. I laugh every time I come across it. Just another example of his humor...
Once a stud, always a stud.

Actually, I was looking for normal pictures of Pete - and normal pictures of Pete are all pretty quirky!! He's always doing SOMETHING silly in them. I thought the above pics were good examples of that and they take me back to the early days of our dating adventure.

Here we are, being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Peter Myron - 2 years ago today. Wow. What a day that was! Pete managed to crack a few jokes *during* our wedding ceremony - and of course, I laughed.

You can't really see it here. Maybe our photographer didn't realize we were pushing cake through our teeth on purpose and he thought changing the color of the picture would hide our embarrassing cake through teeth moment. But...well, I like to remember this act as my official "Pete's sidekick" moment.

We have had a very busy, blessed and crazy first two years of marriage and I have a feeling the 3rd is going to be equally as crazy with a newborn thrown into the mix (okay, it might be more crazy). I think the only way I stay sane throughout my days is by laughing - and that's the thing I want to highlight as I wish my husband a very very happy anniversary. He is ALWAYS making me smile and even though I don't always want to laugh, he makes it happen. He's my hero each and every day and I'm still so in love with him...he's my perfect match!

I love you PETE!

Happy Anniversary!