Happy New Year - 2010

Hi! It's been a while since I really typed any Hailey news here...so here are some updates.

Hailey is doing a few new things lately.

First, as you can see in the video below, she got a cute little walker for Christmas and just loves walking all over the place. (**note** I don't know why, but the video I was trying to post isn't posting and it's posting the one below instead - so please ignore the pj's I'm wearing. This video is of the first time she walked with the walker - now she's going all over (without me hovering) and will even let go and stand there and then either keep going or will sit down. It's cool.)

She seems to be grinding her teeth - she makes a clicking sound and it makes Pete and I cringe a little whenever she does it. Actually, it's making me cringe right now...just talking about it!

She's still not talking much - as in, not using many words. She's babbling a plenty! She will on occasion say Papa and Dada and just today she said Mama (I think it was her first time saying it without being in distress...hooray!). Pete ran to Lowes earlier today and Hailey took a break from nursing to get up and looked all around me and said "Papa" a few times like she was looking for him. It was really cute, but also made me a little sad that Pete wasn't here to see how cute it was.

In other news - we've had one of the most relaxing and productive weekends ever (Hailey slept a ton - so this helped). I took down and packed up all the Christmas decorations (I know, boo me...), cleaned the kitchen (like REALLY cleaned it - clutter be gone!), we unpacked the last box in the office from our move a year and a half ago (has it really been that long!?) , boxed up old clothes for the good will and just tonight started tearing down the 80's era wallpaper in our family room. It's a big project...but we're going for it! Oh ya, and I read Twilight - I don't usually find (er, make) time to read books (I read plenty of internet nonsense)...but I had so much time to relax and enjoy myself that I actually enjoyed reading!!

And with that - I'm signing out. I'm beat. Good night.