We went for my first appointment at the birth center (link) today. We got to see Heike (the midwife who helped deliver Hailey). It was really great to see her. I had been in a little bit of denial still - just wondering, am I really pregnant?

We went through all the normal questions and stats. There were a lot of questions about screening that I had forgotten about. We opted out of most screening (like last time). I'd rather not carry the stress of finding out I could be 'possibly' carrying a down syndrome (or some other problem) baby. I'm not a fan of abortion, so if God places a challenge in our hands, we will accept it when our baby is born and move forward from there. Ignorant? Maybe a little. But ignorance is bliss, isn't it? The chances of getting a false positive on these tests are there and I've heard stories - so I'd just rather go about pregnancy trusting that God will dish us what we can handle and hopefully no more than that.

Pete needed to get back to work, so the student midwife brought the doppler out so we could hear the heartbeat. She tried and tried to find it, but failed. My heart sank a little and those nagging questions crept in "is everything okay? Am I still pregnant???". Heike took charge and quickly found it hiding behind my own heartbeat. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. YAY! There's really a baby in there!!

Whelp, I'm feeling the pukes. So.. over and out!