Here we go again.

When Pete and I got married we rented out his house and all was well (so we thought).

Well, our renters moved out mid-lease. They didn't leave a forwarding address and have not returned calls or emails. They stopped paying rent in October. We are looking into small claims court, but are not sure what we can do if we can't get papers served to them at a physical location. Also, we probably won't get any money out of them, their credit will just be further dinged - not helping either party.

We listed the house for rent again in October as soon as we found out our renters were trying to get out and have had very little action. We showed the house once and the guys weren't worth handing an application to. The economy and time of year are probably playing a factor in our inability to get any interest generated in the house. It seems no one is looking for a house to rent. And all the apartment complexes seem to be offering free rent. The quality of applicants we've seen in the Benson area has been generally pretty low - bad credit, criminal record, low income, etc.

As such, we've decided to list the house for sale at a much lower price than we had previously listed it (meaning huge loss for us financially). :(


The cost of having an empty house is a big hit on our pocketbook so we had to try and figure out how to stop the bleeding. We decided we don't really want to be landlords of a property in Renton. So...wish us luck as we try to offload this house one way or another. Things are not looking to be in our favor and at this point the house is listed both for rent and for sale at the same time...we're just hoping something happens.

Did I mention that the renters moved out and did not clean a thing? We're going to head over there tonight to try and clean the place up a bit. I'm NOT too thrilled about the work that lies ahead...