So...stunting motorcycles was my full time hobby prior to Pete. I would work on my bikes (I had 4 at one point) late into the night, I would spray paint things, install new parts, do oil changes, etc. I was pretty independent with my bike hobby. Then Pete came into my life. Stunting suddenly became less important and being with Pete took the forefront of my every thought. Sometimes we'd take my dirtbike down to a parking lot and I'd play around...but then my dirtbike was stolen (I'm still sad about that). Then I discovered a crack in my stunt bike's frame - major issue. Stunting suddenly died for me.

Now that we're an old married couple...and expecting a little one...stunting is now only a part of my dreams.

Pete noticed that I don't have much to do around the house for fun. He has drums, the xbox and plenty of tools and projects in the garage. I have laundry, dishes, cleaning...not really hobbies. Sure, I have some books I read once in a while, but that gets old when the books aren't that good.

So.....Pete and I went to JoAnn fabrics to see if I could find a project. I went through just about all of the pattern books and settled on a diaper bag pattern. Next task? Find fabric.... Oh boy. Difficult task for those who don't know (or remember) much from those 4H days. We wandered around and around. I was looking for something pretty neutral and something with brown and teal in it. I finally found some fabric...and by the time we got out of there, I'd spent $42. So much for not spending money.

Here's a sample of what I got myself into. I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so much in one day. :)

My good friend...

Working hard.