Home Birth

It took me a bit off guard at an appointment when the midwife asked me if I am considering a home birth. Why...um, hmmmm....maybe? They gave me some suggested reading and since then, I've been pondering the idea a bit more seriously.

Hailey's birth was such an amazing event for us, it could have only been better (at the time) if the car ride hadn't taken place. There I was, ready to push, hovering in the passenger seat as Pete was going 80mph up 405. I was in so much pain at the time that my thoughts had turned to 'I need drugs!'. I knew in the back of my head at the time though, I was much too far along for drugs to even be an option and so I released that idea and focused on my hovering technique as I haphazardly laid there hoping not to have Hailey in the car. We made it to the birth center in time and after they filled the bathtub I had the peaceful birth I had hoped for. In looking back, the car ride is now a great part of the story and I truly can relate to all the women who have had to travel in a car as they are laboring. That being said, all but that one part of my birth experience was pretty calm and dare I say relaxing. Okay, okay, so it wasn't really relaxing, but my mind through it all was at peace as I felt like I knew what was going on with my body and I let my body do what it needed in order to expel my baby.

Ah right, back to the question at hand - to have a home birth or not. There's this teeny little itsy bitsy fear I have and I believe every woman must face this when looking at childbirth as a whole - no matter where child birth takes place. The big 'what if' question: What if something goes wrong?

Home births are only midwife assisted for normal and healthy pregnancies. Being that Hailey's birth went so well, the worries of having complications has been much reduced for me. So now I'm left with the big question - do we plan for a home birth? I'm thinking so at this point.

Just for my reference, here are some books I was recommended to read in order to help me with the home birth decision:
Ina Maye's "Guide to Childbirth"
Ina Maye's "Spiritual Midwifery"
Barbara Harper's "Gentle Birth Choices"

I have been reading a bit online and thought I'd share some links to sites I've been reading:
Is Home Birth for You?
Citizens for Midwifery (this isn't specifically about home birth, but it's a look into what midwifes provide)
Gentle Birth

As part of the decision making process I am planning on talking to a couple people who have had home births. I really want to hear their stories and I hope that this will provide the final inspiration I need.