HOORAY! Willy is alive and back home!

After breakfast this morning we wandered around the neighborhood calling for Willy and stopping in at all the neighbors houses with a picture in hand asking if they'd seen him. A few neighbors said they had seen him on Thanksgiving, but not since.

We were talking to the neighbors across the street from us and they said he sometimes sleeps on their porch on a chair...they too hadn't seen him in a few days. As we were talking to them about how friendly our cat is, Willy walked around the corner!!! I'm convinced that someone around there had him in their house. We brought him home and gave him lots of love. We're so thankful for his safe return!!

On our walk we ran into an older couple who were out collecting trash from the side of the road. They said they go 3-4 times a week and pick up trash in our neighborhood to keep it looking good. What a neat thing they do for us!! We thanked them and commended them for their efforts. It's nice to know there are good people out there. ;)