How To...Throw a Pinterest Party

Hello there.

I went to a Pinterest Party today!

What's a Pinterest Party you ask? Well, my friend Jenny has been watching her friend's Pinterest boards and thought, "does anyone ever actually make these things they've pinned?" and so it was. A party where we would pick either a recipe or a craft that we had pinned on a shared pin board, and bring the supplies or the food to share.

I had eyed some burlap wreaths on Pinterest and wanted to make one, so that was my project.

Steps to throw a Pinterest Party:

  • Before the party, create a shared pinboard for the guests

  • Have each guest post the item they are bringing to the pinboard

  • Set up the crafting area with stations - label each station with the craft name

  • Each crafting guest brings enough supplies for 4 people to make their craft

  • Make a list of the crafts. If there are 4 of each craft, make a list that contains 3 of each and then cut out the crafts and drop them into a bowl

  • Have each guest that brought a craft draw 2 crafts out of a bowl, guests that brought a food item draw 3 crafts (everyone gets to do 3 crafts)

  • Guests that brought a craft get to do their craft first so it can be used as an example for the next ones at their crafting 'station'

  • Eat delicious food and have fun crafting!

It was fun to randomly pick what we would be doing (who doesn't like surprises?)!

The kitchen was full to the brim with food and drink, and every other space in the area was covered with yarn, fabric, feathers, wreaths, pine-cones, clay, bangles, glitter, candle holders and t-shirts (see my t-shirt scarf in that pic? Awesome, and SO easy to make!).

I had to leave a little early, but even so, I think I was more crafty today than I've been over the last 3 years (thanks Jenny!).  :)

I loved this party and am looking forward to the next!

Rebekah over at a bit of sunshine wrote up a great post (including some beautiful pictures!) about  the party.

Have you ever been to a Pinterest party?   What do you think?   Have you considered throwing a Pinterest party of your own?