Okay, this is serious.

I'm officially huge (my boss laughed at me when he saw me today) and our little girl is starting to get real cramped in there and it's like she's trying to stretch things out for herself. It's quite weird and totally incredible too!

I was sitting at work and my right arm was against my belly...and all of the sudden, WHAM!, my arm was kicked away from my belly and I saw this HUGE bulge in my side! I exclaimed 'ouch' as it shocked me and was the first time it didn't feel good when she kicked me! It was nutty and thus I declare this the beginning of the end of this pregnancy (it's all downhill from here I'm sure). The reason I even thought to post something here was because my back has been really sore tonight.

On another note, I'm feeling a bit better tonight (I know I just said my back is sore...but my throat is feeling better!). I have great hopes of being even better tomorrow. I felt bad sitting in the corner during meetings today - I was totally foggy and coughing up some nasty stuff and not contributing much because when I tried to talk, I didn't seem to make sense. :-

Oh ya, and I just found more Christmas pics on the 'big' camera...I thought I'd share a pic of the cute piggy bank Pete found for Hailey - cause well, it's cute!