I feel pregnant.

I woke up with a sore pelvis and hips. They must be spreading. Which is probably good...but I feel like I'm waddling now.

I am having a hard time finding clothes to fit over the bump, and have to continually pull down my shirt. I refuse to buy more pregnancy clothes at this point.

I love feeling her move, but this morning it made me weary as she seemed to sleep in pretty late. She eventually moved around...shifted from the right side to the left. She usually hangs out on the right side. She also had the hiccups this afternoon.

She's head down and has been this way for several weeks (I didn't pay enough attention to know when she settled on being upside down).

I'm tired. I can't focus. I want to sleep a lot... and I just don't know what to do with myself at work. I skipped all my meetings today. They weren't important ones. Or so I told myself.

I even went to the car to sit in the heated seat for a while because my back was so sore and I was so bored with work.

At least I'm not throwing up like Kim is today. Hope you feel better Kim - love you!