Informed Refusal Obtained

Hailey had her 9 month well child visit today. She is small, but healthy! Her favorite part of the visit was when she got to sit on the tissue and tear it up with her hands and feet. She was very busy and seemed to enjoy watching and listening to Dr. Vivian.

Weight: 15lbs 3oz (5%)
Length: 26 1/4" (10%)
Head: 42.5 cm (10%)

She has moved down the growth chart in length, but not to where it is concerning. Her weight is actually up a little bit on the chart (she was previously a little below 3%). But all in all, she's progressing just fine on her own chart and we have nothing to be worried about. We have a cute little girl! :)

We went over some flu prevention info and are going to boost her vitamin D and also give her probiotics to boost her immune system.

The big debate is about vaccines now. (don't hate me) We have yet to give her any shots (we plan to do some...but are making our own schedule - with the help of our doctor of course). I have read several books and this is where the research lead our family to where we are today.

We have not done the D-TAP yet because Hailey leads (okay, I guess she follows) a pretty sheltered life right now (as in, she's not in day care and we don't work in the medical field - where exposure to these things would be normal) and also because it was pretty unlikely that she would get a wound for tetanus to jump into so early in her life. Since we waited...she is past the most critical time for whooping cough (0-6 months is the worst). Needless to say, I have been conflicted about the D-TAP vaccine. On one hand tetanus is really not good if she happens to get it. That could be real bad. On the other hand, we've read up on what we should do when she gets a wound so as to prevent tetanus from infecting her. But are we always going to be there when she gets hurt? Should we send instructions with her wherever she goes? It doesn't seem that hard right? It's not a 100% guaranteed solution..... etc. So after thinking about it more and more and more and more....I decided that maybe we should do it. I wasn't feeling 100% sure about this decision, so after discussing with our pediatrician, I declined today. I just wasn't ready! After discussing this with Pete tonight (that's the plan anyway) I might be taking Hailey in for the D-TAP vaccine next week. It just has to be a decision we're both happy with (or at least okay with). A note on the paperwork states, "Informed refusal obtained." Sweet, I have some kind of proof that I'm informed!

I know this is a controversial many are either 100% for or against vaccines. I think I'm somewhere in the middle on this one (but leaning towards the 'against' side on certain ones like flu and chicken pox). I see the good in some vaccines, but I also have taken quite a bit of time to research and learn about the other side of the vaccine world. I don't intend to post this here in an effort to change anyone's opinion, or to start a conflict over who has done what vaccine. This is just all to say that trying to make decisions about our daughters vaccine schedule has been very challenging. We want what's best for her. We all want what's best for our kids...and there's where parenting gets to be unique for each of us. We all have different ideas about what is best...and hopefully in the end we can all still respect each other for the decisions we make - whether we agree with them or not.

I'm thankful for all the other parents out there who have had to face this issue. Respek yo!