Iron and other rambles

My iron levels have dipped even I've been instructed to doubled my dose of iron pills (4/day now) and I'm going in tomorrow for an iron shot and will continue to do so until I have Hailey and I guess potentially after as well.

I've been taking the elevators up from lunch lately as walking up the long flight of stairs takes so much energy. I have a debate in my head each time I'm faced with the decision - do I get the exercise by doing the stairs and suffer up (it feels like my whole body is filled with lead, every step is a challenge) or do I take the tiring walk to the elevator and conserve my 'stair' energy? I know, I sound like I'm complaining. And I guess I am. I don't like shots and am not excited to have to get them every week. At least my appointments change to weekly now so I don't have to make extra trips to the birth center. :)

I read that low iron can lead to pre-term labor and low birth weight babies. Well, I think I'm fine with being about 2 weeks bring it on! I am trying to eat more iron filled foods now...but when it comes time to eat I tend to blank out and just grab the closest thing I can get my hands on. Lately it's been cupcakes (thanks Kim and Brianne!).

I still haven't talked to my boss about my maternity leave plans - I think he's in denial that I'm actually going to be out of office. He's on vacation this week and our HR department doesn't seem to take maternity leave planning very seriously. Meanwhile...I'm starting to get short timers syndrome (shhh!).