It's about time.

Oh hey there....

I'm Shauna, and this is my long neglected blog. I recently heard some family members lamenting over how my blog had disappeared from the face of the planet, and I began to wonder if it was time I reconnect with the keyboard and give it a go once again.

Have no fear, the kids are growing, despite my lack of posts describing all of the silly and wonderful (and crazy) things they do.

So without much ado, I bring you.....


Wait, don't go anywhere, this IS the new post.

Okay, now that I have your attention, I will try to sum up the past year in one tiny little blog post on one tiny little spec in the black hole known as the World Wide Web.

Where to start....

There was this one time in the not so distant past, when Pete was between jobs (aka unemployed). It didn't last long, thankfully. But during this time of unpaid vacation, I dreamt of all the wonderful things we could do together as a family. For some reason, not many of those 'travel to Paris' dreams actually happened. Instead, I pulled Hailey out of Gymnastics and I quit my new found and much needed obsession with Crossfit for the time being, since let's be honest, they were sucking money out of a shallow well. I also started shopping for groceries at the local Asian Market (mung bean noodles are SO cheap there, it's really the best thing to eat when you are on a tight budget) and I explored Grocery Outlet Bargain Market for any kind of good deal on food we consider acceptable to eat (organic? non-GMO? Give me some of that!).

This post wasn't meant to be a sob story, and it really wouldn't be a good one since Pete did eventually land a great job doing what he does best. So I guess I'll get on with my point.

We went on a hike with Charlotte while Hailey was in school one day and while Pete was on unpaid holiday. That was pretty awesome. Poo-Poo Point was the destination, and it was more pretty at the top than the feces it's named after. We completed a long hike in a relatively short time frame, and since we took our sweet time eating Lara bars at the top, we had to run the whole way down the mountain. Charlotte was on Pete's back, I'm sure he was having a wonderful time running down a steep trail with 30 extra pounds on his back... We returned to the school to pick Hailey up in the nick of time.

To make up for this ^^^ awful picture of me at Poo-Poo point, I am posting the nicer picture of myself on the left. I guess I went on a date. And I guess Pete thought I looked pretty good. Why else would he take a picture of me in the kitchen all dressed up? I'm not sure where I went, but I'm pretty sure the date was with my husband that night (I don't recall dating anyone else in the last 7.5 years, so that must be it).

Now you may, or may not, recognize the two little girls on the right. Last time I posted about them, they were a bit smaller. I have no idea what was going on in this picture, but they sure look like they were having a blast. The picture on the camera before this one was all a blur, so just imagine the picture at right being an animated GIF of the wee ones jumping up and down and dancing all around the kitchen (all while shouting at the top of their lungs). It was a fun time. Judging by their faces...

Ah ha, I found another memory, and this time, I remember what we were doing at the time of the picture (impressive)! We went camping. Yup. Twice this summer, we went camping. More about the 2nd camping trip in a future post.

For the record, we went to Bumping Lake Campground, which is on the east side of Mount Rainier. We camped with my dad's side of the family, we call them the Young family. So we went camping and had a great time. The girls got to play with their cousins, as well as my cousins and my cousin's kid. Sadly, some of my favorite cousins and their kids weren't able to make it, but we had fun anyway (sob). One of my other favorite cousins did show up and it was great to bond with her over a game of texas hold em.

That was a lot of talk about cousins.

It was amazing to find these giant puff ball flowers along a trail we hiked. We hiked to a cave.... and the pictures I took inside the cave are very dark. So I guess I won't post those.

Camping trips are always more fun when something unexpected happens, right? Well, something unexpected DID happen! My cousin's car totally died when we were on our way to the magnificent cave hike (the pictures were dark, remember? Just assume our cave experience was more amazing than you could possibly believe). We got the car thing all worked out, thanks to AAA. And who'd a thunk you could carpool on a camping trip? Well, the Young family made it happen. 3 people, a tent, cooking things, coolers, bikes and all. Family sticks together. Especially when it's hot outside and you are all piled in a vehicle next to each other. Very sticky. 

I am SO glad I found this picture in the bathroom at the base of our cave hike. I had always been so confused about walls. Now I know. And now YOU know! Don't pee on the walls OR the floors. Please. You've been told.

There are many more pictures and stories from the year past...but they will have to wait. It's now 12am and I can almost hear my pillow calling to me.

If you've enjoyed this post and you are happy to see me blogging once again, please do be kind and leave a comment telling me so. A compliment goes a long way. Like it goes all the way from my eyes and into my brain...and when that happens, I might just start writing more frequently, in order to receive more affirmation that my blog really isn't a wasteland. It's a blog. A blog that people read and possibly even enjoy.

If you don't enjoy this blog, please go away and don't tell me you were ever here in the first place. This is my corner of the web, I don't need your bad juju ruining a good thing (and remember, I will only know it's good if you leave me a comment telling me so).

What are you waiting for??? Go comment already!