July - Whirlwind month!

Hey there, it's been quite busy over here. Here's a little overview of what we've been up to the last 2 weeks or so.

Last weekend we drove up to Bellingham to celebrate my nieces 2nd birthday.

We picked up Pete's new Traitor bike while we were there.

This weekend we celebrated my cousin Kelsie and the upcoming birth of her baby.

My mom came before the shower to help set up. She parked in front of our neighbors house in 12" deep river rock and happened to get her heavy car stuck. Pete spent a better part of the morning trying to dig out the car. My dad and his friend showed up to help. They ended up using our truck to tow the car out. This is the cat leg neighbor...and we have a feeling that he purposely put 12" deep river rock in front of his house so that people would learn their lesson and never park in front of his house. He's a bit crazy from what we know of him...

Our cat Willy decided to show up at the start of the shower after being gone for over two months. We can only recall him coming home one other time since Hailey was born. Just the week prior I had decided that he must have been dead or a neighbor moved away and took him with. He's still very large, as if he's been eating canned food...or bunnies. One nice thing is that he's purring now. It was strange how he seemed to have lost his purr every other time we'd seen him. Now he's very friendly and happy to see us (although he is begging to be let back outside).

In an effort to flee the baby shower Pete was involved in a head on collision. He made it sound like a fender bender when I talked to him on the phone (he didn't tell me the airbags deployed because he didn't want me to worry)...so we carried on with the shower.

He was lucky and only suffered a welt on his arm from the impact of the airbag.

The car that hit the truck didn't fare so well. Everyone in the other car walked away uninjured.

After the shower I picked up Pete from the side of the road. He had been walking towards home after the truck was towed away... We headed down to Renton River Days to see what the fuss was all about. It was HOT. Pete bought me my very own sling (I've been borrowing Kim's)!

Today was HOT again. Hailey tried on a dress that I wore when I was a baby. Here she is modeling it. :)

Pete helped me finish the bird mobile. It was really hard to get it to balance so we changed the method and got it done. Pete hung it just before Hailey's bedtime. She LOVES it!

After Hailey went to sleep I went out the door to complete Day 2 - Week 4 of my 9 week 5k running plan. I really didn't want to go, but Pete reminded me that the 5k I signed up for is on Sept 12th and with that, I faced the heat and completed my run. My goal is to run a 5k. I have bigger running goals, but I figured this is a start...since in general I hate running. This plan has been great though, it starts off really easy with walking/jogging intervals and each week it increases the run time.

Tomorrow we go back to work. Yup, that's right...I'm still working. It's gotten much better and I'm doing pretty well pumping. Once Hailey started sleeping through the night (just over a week ago - maybe 2) I pump at 11pm and 1st thing in the morning (when I'm full from skipping the 4am feeding). Speaking of pumping.....I just realized that I haven't yet pumped tonight and it's 12:30am! Ack! Pump, then bed.

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend!!