Kiddos & Ice storm

***Publishing this "draft" because it's been sitting for a month and though I didn't finish it, I want to remember this stuff!!***

Charlotte started walking face first down the stairs the other day without holding onto anything. She thinks she's so grown up. We're still trying to make her get on her belly to slide down, but she's a strong willed little down she walks.

Her first molar appeared a couple weeks ago. She still only has two bottom teeth, but now has 5 teeth up top. The matching molar is just now coming through. Guess she'll be chomping her gums. She eats everything we eat and does a fine job chewing!

Charlotte now refuses to eat if she's in a highchair. One night, she screamed and squirmed and shoved her plate away. We took her out of the high chair and she immediately climbed up into a chair and ate everything on her plate... Uh. Okay. We thought it was just a one time deal, but it quickly became obvious that it was an every time deal. She thinks she's too grown up for that highchair thing. So the highchair is now in the garage - awaiting a new home.

Hailey and Charlotte have so much fun playing together. We have dance parties in our living room just about every single day. Hailey has taught Charlotte how to Pique.

We had a blast in the snow last week. Absolutely loved having Pete home from work (he worked from home all week - with Thursday & Friday being the exception - no power = no work).

Speaking of power outages, we had one. Thankfully we have a wood burning fireplace. It's not very efficient, but as long as we were in front of it, we were warm. I read a whole book while sitting in front of the fire. It was excellent to relax and just enjoy being together (despite having my kindle glued to my face). The girls had plenty of fun - Hailey kept wanting to take her clothes off because she'd get hot from running around the living room with Charlotte. We had to remind her that it was actually pretty cold in the house and she might be best to keep her shirt on. I mean...we even had to wrap blankets around the fish tank to keep them warm!

We played bed bugs, chutes and ladders, go fish, and other random games with the girls while the power was out. They also did lots of coloring.