Kitchen Remodel

When we first bought our house, I wasn't thrilled with the design. What sold me, was the property. There were tons of huge windows and the view out of every window was beautiful (all trees and green). It helped that we visited on a beautiful day in May, when the birds were singing and the grass was perfectly green. 

The bathrooms were carpeted, the main walls were all white (I don't think they'd seen a coat of paint since the house was built in 1986!). But the outside? It was great (other than the driveway, which has a big slope....we don't like that part so much).

When we moved in, we tackled many projects. But this post is really about the kitchen, because well, it's the most recent renovation we've tackled.

Our kitchen had limited counter space, and at any party, it seemed EVERYONE was crowded in the kitchen (because they were!). I don't have any real good 'before' remodel pics, so let's work with what I do have...   

Here's a pic of Pete at the house inspection before we officially owned it.  And the picture below was taken on the day we got the keys to our house. It was our first day at the house and we received our FIRST piece of mail at our new house! We thought it was a bit strange to receive mail addressed to us, on the first day of ownership...but that's what happened!

The oven, refrigerator, and pantry were all on the same wall, which meant there was limited counter space.  The kitchen was a boxed in area, quite separate from the rest of the house.

On the other side of the kitchen wall, was the carpeted dining room. We lived with it like that for 4 whole years before we finally were able to address the issue. The picture above is of the dining room when the prior owners were still there.

Needing to vacuum under the table after every single meal was a bit cumbersome (because you know, our kids would drop food all over the floor at every meal....). Also, that way cool pass-thru? It wasn't actually that cool. Or useful.

My parents remodeled the kitchen in their new-to-them house, and upon hearing how much their cabinet quotes were (much less than I'd thought!), we decided it was time to take action in our own kitchen.

It's a shame I don't have any pictures of us in Ikea for this post. Really, I mean, we got this grand idea to remodel our kitchen, and from there, we spent hours and hours at Ikea....trying to make sure everything was right (it wasn't). We wanted to buy the cabinets during the 20% off kitchen sale, and like the last minute planners we are, we went to Ikea on the last day of the sale in order to place our order. Wow....that was stupid. Thankfully we liked one of the less popular cabinet door styles, so not too many of our items were out of stock. We used Ikea's 'pick and ship' service, which meant they would gather all of our items and deliver them to our house for us. It seemed like a great idea, and it was pretty cool to have all that stuff delivered and stacked in our garage for us.

Then we got to work.

Our pantry was loaded into boxes that were shoved to the window side of the room and less used items were put in the garage. Cabinets started to come down and the wall was eventually gutted.

In order to take down the wall, we had to have a new beam brought in and installed. This was the only 'contracted' work we had done (other than the new gas line we had to run for the gas range). The rest of it was all Pete (and me!).

I cleaned walls, and built cabinets.

We bought a 'temporary' $39 (plus 20% off!) Ikea counter top to serve as our counter while we took our time to decide what kind of counter top we wanted. Bad's been over a year and our new counters are not installed yet.

We ordered our appliances from the east coast. We had issues with the fridge and ended up getting a replacement (different brand). I think something about getting a fridge shipped from so far away might have jostled things a bit, but the situation worked out in the end.

I LOVE our stove (for the most part). It's a SMEG from Italy. I love how basic it is. Knobs to turn burners on and it has low-med-high....and there is a convection fan in the oven, that's the only extra setting aside from bake and broil. So simple. Love it.

Our garage was a complete disaster during the remodel. I took this picture to capture just how crazy it was....

And finally, we had a birthday Party for Charlotte and that was over a year ago....the kitchen is still in the same state!! Counters should be installed NEXT WEEK. I'm SO excited to get our real counters installed. :)