Little C - 9 months

Charlotte is 9 months old as of the 22nd and it's just mind boggling to me how 9 months have already gone by since my sweet girl was born. She is super fun these days - and oh so active! This girl figured out how to crawl at 7 months and now at 8 months she started letting go of things while standing. Just the other day she looked at me, let go of the couch and took a step towards me (and promptly fell). Hailey had just learned how to scoot (dragging her body) somewhere in her 9th month and didn't actually get her belly off the floor until 11 months when she was put on a tile floor without clothes on - she didn't want her belly to get cold on the floor and thus learned to actually crawl.
Anyway, my 'little C' as I like to call maturing so fast! She actually fell asleep on me the other day when we were at Pete's dads house and I cherished the time holding her as I haven't had many of those cuddling sweet sleepy baby moments with Charlotte since she's always on the move. In fact, she's so on the move...and interested in everything else going on in the room, that she has not been nursing very long or often during the day. And speaking of nursing, I am heading into unchartered territory here soon. I only nursed Hailey 10 months because my supply dried up when I got pregnant with Charlotte. Okay, I just realized that I have a month more to go before I reach that point where I'm nursing Charlotte longer than I had nursed Hailey, but what can I say....I totally had to stop typing just now in order to figure out how old Hailey was when I got pregnant with Charlotte! My memory has not been working well with numbers lately...

So back to my Little C. She's just a doll. She LOVES dancing and will dance to any music she hears. We've played that splish splash duck for her dozens of times per day and she still dances. Hailey gets a kick out of making Charlotte dance by pushing the button over and over (thanks mom! lol). Aside from dancing, Charlotte is also enjoying crawling up the stairs. This is not so fun for me. We have several stairways in our house and not enough baby gates. So she heads to the stairs when we're down playing in the living room (also known as the 'family room' since Pete contends that we don't 'live' in the living room). I've been working with her on sliding down on her belly, but she really gets a kick out of turning sideways to look at me (from the 3rd or 4th stair up) and then smiles really big and suddenly dives toward me with no regard to the fact that there are stairs below. She doesn't care...she knows I'm there to catch her. Naughty Charlotte. She's SO happy when she does this that I have a hard time using my serious voice in telling her, "no, we slide down on our belly". Then Hailey shows her over and over how the pros do it. She has in fact gone down the stairs a few times on her own by straightening her legs and sliding on her belly, but I think it will be a while before this becomes a surefire way for her to get down the stairs.

Charlotte says mama and dada...and a few other things, but I don't think those other things are actually words. ;) In just the last couple of days she's been chattering a lot. When music is on in the car she makes noise like she's trying to sing. She and Hailey go back and forth with noises...Hailey making a noise and Charlotte copying. I love it, though it gets super loud at times (it's easy to shriek loudly when you're a girl!). :) I believe it was last week that Hailey was using her recorder and then stuck it in Charlotte's mouth and to my shock and awe, she blew into it and made some noise! The other morning the girls were in the bath and Hailey pulled out her bird whistle. Being the nice sister she is, she let Charlotte try - and Charlotte did it (time and again I might add). We are quite proud of her new trick.
The girl likes to eat....but not when she doesn't like the food! Charlotte makes her point when she doesn't like a new food. So far she really doesn't like cauliflower, avocado and beets. In fact, she didn't like them so much that as soon as they touched her tongue she made a ridiculous face and started gagging herself and eventually, with cauliflower and avocado, she ended up throwing up. We introduced beets last night and she was holding those beets on her tongue and making her crazy disgusted faces and started gagging. Well, Pete got smart and started calling her name and distracted her a bit and it worked! She eventually swallowed and we continued to feed her beets, only we sweetened the deal by adding some sweet potatoes to the bites. Everything is better with sweet potatoes (so we've learned)!

Charlotte has been waving for about a week...though we weren't sure it was intentional. I'm now sure that she is meaning to wave. She just started waving at everyone in Starbucks (we're on a coffee date while Hailey is with some friends).

Over and out!