More dreams...

Last night I had several dreams.

1. I ate a bag of Cheetos. That was it. I just dreamed that I ate a bag of Cheetos.

2. The next was that I needed to get across the I-90 bridge on a bicycle. The only problem was that the only way to do it was by riding this dirt trail...that was really narrow. It was like the wheels go in the track and it just takes you for a crazy ride. I was scared.

3. Pete and I were dating. Pete went away to college. Before he went he deleted his phone numbers from my phone. I found out he was seeing someone else at school and started balling my eyes out. My dad came to my side and told me "no guy wants to go to college and be tied down by a girlfriend at home." and that was it. I was heart broken.

The night before last...

There was a yacht. Pete was told by Jim Z. that he wasn't allowed to go on the yacht. I was on a helicopter. The helicopter was over the yacht and I was lowered by rope to a guy who was hanging off the front of the yacht....he was holding onto the yacht (which was moving pretty fast btw) with one arm and grabbed me with the other. Our cat Wesley was a kitten and I had him on my chest as I was lowered to the yacht. I was hanging there and passed Wesley up to someone on the boat...they let him loose on the boat and Wesley ran back to me and jumped on my shoulder. Meanwhile, there were these big 10' wide green 'sting ray' type of things swimming with the yacht - right below where I was hanging off the yacht. The point of the trip was to go swimming with these things... I was worried because I wanted Pete there...they told me he was there, but hiding below since he wasn't supposed to be allowed onto the yacht.

That's all folks!