Mother's Tea at The Garden School

I went to a special Mother's Day Tea at Hailey's school last month. I don't have any pictures of the event, and I wasn't in the best of moods, but it was quite special. The kids, all but Hailey that is, stood up in front of all the mom's and recited a nursery rhyme - most even opted to speak into the microphone provided! Hailey gets pretty shy at these events, so she didn't want to participate. As in, she wanted to sit on my lap the whole time. 
I was elbow to elbow sitting in a folding chair between the other moms, so having Hailey trying to sit on my lap was quite frustrating as there just wasn't much room. I was also busy trying to analyse the situation to determine if there was something I could do to try to ease her nerves. I didn't find the answer. 
We are returning to the Garden this next year and are hoping that Hailey will open up a bit more in front of people, since it will be her second year with the same classmates and teachers, I think it will help.

 A couple months ago, we went to Hailey's Art Show at school. She was proud of the art she had made and we were so proud of her - she actually joined her class and danced in front of all the parents and kids from the other classes!

Charlotte is still a very energetic little girl. :) She runs, jumps, bounces and twirls day in and day out. She has bumps and bruises EVERYWHERE! And I hadn't really noticed her being somewhat clumsy until Aunt Kari pointed out that she trips a lot. It's like she gets SO excited about what she's about to do, she goes for it, but forgets how to get there and stumbles all over (bumps her head into tables, trips over her own feet, falls down a stair, etc, etc..).

Charlotte is still quite shy in front of new people. She puts her hand to her mouth and hides behind it. She is often reserved when we are with family and friends we are familiar with too. Uncle Dave will often try to talk to her and she will hide in my arms. 

Our chickens are at an age where they should begin laying eggs.... I'm WAITING........ We are currently out of eggs and it would be so nice to go collect some from outside. Owl, the guy pictured in fact a boy. He's a great rooster so far, he only crows a few times a day and the earliest I've heard him crow has been at 7:30am. Not bad!

Hailey cracks jokes now. So funny. She will say, "I have a joke!" Then she starts with "why did the chicken cross the road!" and that's where her joke ends (notice the exclamation point? Ya, it doesn't even come out as a question - too cute). She makes us smile and giggle. Even if she doesn't really know how to tell a joke the right way yet. ;)

Charlotte and Hailey have been playing on their new swing set EVERY single day. Seriously, best investment EVER!