No brakes and wandering through an old ladies pink theme house

So...this is really strange and random. I remember bits and pieces of my dream. Here goes...

Pete and I were at the Weeldreyers - but it wasn't the Weeldreyers actual house. The house was full, so we had to sleep in a car in the driveway. The car was a Trans Am (I'm assuming because we saw this totally rad one down at Pike Place on Saturday). The driveway was steep and sloped to the street. The car was parked nose to the street. So Pete and I are sleeping - me in the drivers seat...and we wake up to the parking brake going out and the car barreling down the road. Pete and I swap spots as we're heading down this steep hill without brakes (I guess the normal ones didn't work either). Somehow we end up at this huge house.

We went in the house. Everything was light pink. There were miniature beds everywhere... We were stunned and amazed at how pink and how small things were in this huge house. There were cats there. Well, it turns out that it was a miget refuge or something. They were all there, and we were on the run trying not to get caught...but the house was huge - a maze. And 'little people' everywhere.

There was also a movie star - I think it was Angelina Jolie. She was wandering through the house too. Don't know why. I just remember a big lipped, caring burnette movie star being there.

I also remember Phil looking out of the garage and saying to Pete "I assume you're going to fix this..." and then Pete going from garage to garage to find parts to fix the car with (it wasn't our car). I think this might be why or how we ended up in the big pink house.

The End.