No dreams last night...

Well, I guess last night wasn't very entertaining in my sleepy time.

So this morning as Pete and I were sitting in our kitchen eating cereal....I noticed a little field mouse waddle (yes, he waddled) from the flower bed into the lawn. I yelled for our big hunting cat Willy Rumples. He was sleeping on a chair downstairs. He wasn't coming to my calls (bad Willy!), so I went down and got him and held him at the window so he could see the action. He spotted the mouse and his tail perked up. I then opened the front door and set him free. He ran over to the innocent mouse, sat and watched it. At this point I decided the mouse must be on deaths doorstep. He just sat in the grass. Willy took a swat at it with his paw (without his claws out I might add). The mouse rolled over and played dead.

While this was going on I started to feel so horrible that I would set my cat loose on this poor cute mouse for our morning entertainment (and yes, I think mice are cute). So I went out to the front yard in my skimpy nighty (oh the benefits of 'country living') and gathered up Willy and brought him back in.

The little mouse stayed there in the grass and even when we left the house...he was still there. Don't worry, I told Willy not to hurt him and to let him die peacefully. I hope Willy listened to me. He looked kind of bored with the little guy I'm crossing my fingers the little mouse will live another day or at least die in peace.