Not 10 on 10

Okay people, I'm back. I totally didn't pay attention to the calendar and missed the whole 10 on 10 thing...
That's not why I'm here though. The reason I'm posting is because I got a new lappy and am so excited about it! I really wanted a netbook so I could pay bills, work on taxes, make photo books, write emails and blog from anywhere in our house. The iPad just doesn't cut it for typing and it is a bit restrictive (i.e. can't upload pictures to my blog on it or even access our network drive to reach our media folders). All you apple fans - please don't get mad...I'm just not an apple fanatic. It's a pretty device, but apple puts a few too many restrictions on it. I bet I would love a mac book air, but that was a bit out of the price range...and besides, I'm kind of used to left and right mouse clicks. ;)
My point. Right. So here I am. Typing on my netbook while sitting in my living room (no joke, I just took that pic with my phone!). I really hope this little thing leads me to lots of blogging - I mean, I do love writing...I just never seem to find time to sit in the office to do it. And the creative juices really don't flow when I'm confined to a desk. start off my new couch blogging adventures, I'm hoping to type up a Christmas recap and I would also like to post an update on the girls before I forget about the cute things they've been up to lately... Anywho, I should stop writing about my netbook now and probably go work on the 2010 Christmas post before it's Christmas 2011!
But first, in order to make this post a little more interesting, here's a pic of Hailey dancing for Charlotte.