November Challenge: One post per day

Jenny put the challenge out there and here I am, attempting to do it. I will post something each day in November. Well, that's the idea anyway...

I think it will be a good opportunity for me to share some things I'm thankful for (yes, I'm copying Rachel's idea).

Today I want to take a moment to post a long overdue thank you to some ladies who made my 30th birthday really special. I keep meaning to write thank you cards and mail them to each, and I also keep meaning to post a blog entry about this night out - but call me a slacker or whatever...I haven't just haven't gotten to it (though I think about it all the time - honestly!).

My sister in law Kari suggested the idea of doing a girls night out for my 30th and told me she wanted to come down and join in the fun (she's in Bellingham - though I wish wish wish we lived closer!). I had been craving a girls night so it was a perfect suggestion and having Kari join in was even better as I don't see her near as often as I'd like. This was my first big night out without Hailey and/or Pete. I honestly was feeling a bit glum about this new 'stay-at-home-and-never-connect-with-friends' life I'd taken on. It sounds silly now that I type it out, but I was really missing having any adult time for myself.
So anyway, we went to Olivar on Capitol Hill. It was very good! And the company was even better (we should get together more often ladies!!).
As I look back I realize more and more that this night out was a little turning point for me in my new role of 'mother'. I had gotten in a bit of a funk, thinking that my new life was all about being this 'mom' person and also believing that my brain cell count had been severely reduced as a result. Both are true in part - but it didn't need to be as severe as I'd thought or have the consequences of never having some time for my own personal rejuvenation (hmm...suddenly I'm thinking SPA!).

So thank you ladies for a wonderful night out that I will always remember as being a part of my 30th birthday memories. I was glad to have each of you there with me and I thank you each for your friendship. You are all unique and inspirational to me.