Orange chairs - time for change

We have two of these orange chairs. They are super comfortable and we want to recover them. Pete thinks this could be a fun project to work on together (sounds good to me since projects like these end with me getting bored and then him finishing my project). But anyway, I'm sure this would be fun to learn how to do. Together.

I figure these chairs will set the tone for the whole living room I've been extra cautious (scared) to pick any fabric. I thought I wanted to use a teal color in the living room... but I can't seem to get a direction on fabric color/style/anything.

Here are some fabrics I thought could be fun...but they still seem kind of boring to me.

(I like the black and white idea if I use color in pillows and other decorations)

The problem is that I'm not seeing the whole room. I want to redo the fireplace...but I am not sure exactly how. Painting it white seems boring (unless I paint the whole back wall a color...but then I'd have to paint the wall all the way into the dining room since the ceilings are so high and the wall continues into there). I kind of wanted to keep a yellow/green theme in the dining room...but not carry that into the living room. I'm just all confused. It doesn't help that we still don't have a dining room table (well, we have one, but I don't count our teeny ikea table as a table...since it's so small). I wish I could just start with a totally blank slate and get a new couch and a new table and chairs...but ya...that's not going to happen. Money is already super tight.

So....anyone out there have some inspirational ideas for me? I'm tired of all the white walls and taupe furniture.