Our 1st Christmas

I love Christmas time and all the traditions that go along with it. Considering it's our 1st Christmas as husband and wife, I wanted to make sure we created some traditions together this year.We started off the season by going to a u-cut Christmas tree farm on the day after Thanksgiving. We search high and low for our tree...and finally...found our tree in the pre-cut section. Go figure. Pete was wondering if we should just get a fake tree and call it good, but going out to hunt for a tree in the rain is a tradition I'm not quite ready to give up on.

I always wished my family made graham cracker houses each year...and once I saw Kim and Dave's pics, I knew I had to start this tradition for our family. ;)

Last night we had a few friends from Church over and made a nice mess of our dining room.

Some people (Jason & Katie) used so many crackers that there ended up being a shortage... Others used so much frosting (probably the same two)...I had to make another batch...and even after that we still ran out! Nathan's theme was 'in order to create, you must destroy' (see the monster smashing through the city causing mass destruction?). After looking through Kim and Dave's pics...I realized that we were missing some essential elements (pretzel sticks, m&m's, sprinkles, and ice cream cones to name a few).

Pete had the most thought out and engineered of them all. I felt mine was lacking something (other than frosting and candy), so I added a boy and girl out front. They are roasting a marshmallow over the fire in their yard...

Now I'm off to find some personalized Christmas stockings so we can add this to the list of traditions our family upholds.