Passat - zoiks!

Here's the new family sedan. It's an 03 Passat GLX (the luxury version!). I should mention that Pete and I talked about the truck situation and I realized that we probably wouldn't sell the truck even if we bought a SUV - so my mind was a bit more open to his sedan idea. We went to look at a car for sale by a private party and it was not very good (engine issues, dirty, etc) and on our way back towards home we stopped in at Toyota in Bellevue because we noticed they had a TON of used cars. So our goal was to look at things and get an idea for what we liked and what we didn't like... well, Pete had mentioned Passat's before, but I didn't have the best experience with Volkswagons in the past and swore I'd never own one again.....................

Then we were walking past this car in the lot and I was like 'okay, I might as well look at it so I can rule it out with reason' and then I got in and much to my surprise said 'this is really nice!'. We looked at a few other cars and then decided to test drive the Passat. Heated seats, large back seat, smooth driving....we were impressed. Pete drove first then we swapped. When we got back to the dealership we went inside to talk numbers with our sales guy Gus. I've never bought a car at a dealership and the whole thing made me a bit frightened. Gus brought out the car fax - which surprisingly had all the service history detailed out on it! Then we looked at all the work that Toyota had done when they got it (new tires, full service, fixed a couple broken things, etc). It was nice to see how well maintained the car had been over the years. We talked and talked about price and stood firm on our price. In the end, we won and we bought the car for about 30% less than the listed price. While we were spending hours doing all this negotiation, we were both on our phones researching edmunds and craigslist for comparisons and reviews. It's not like us to make a big decision without sleeping on it. Finally Gus was able to get down to a price we were happy with (which they claimed was less than what they had put into the car with all the servicing they put into it) and we walked out feeling like we got a good car and a good deal. We did get a 3 year warranty which we can cancel at any time and have prorated back to us. I guess that helped me feel better about it since the warranty covers a lot of stuff.

So.....there you have it. We got a car and if I happen to go into labor and deliver early, we will have this item checked off the list. ;)