Pete - The love of my life

I thought I'd start off my blog with something old (who knows, maybe my next post will have something blue?). My mom emailed me a few old (2003) pictures this weekend - they brought back so many memories that seemed so long ago and almost forgotten.

November 2003 - The first time I brought Pete to a family dinner (in honor of Jason's birthday).

This family dinner was when my dad told Pete he would know the relationship was *real* once Pete "bought me a car" (this is what Pete remembered from that meal). Last night Pete pointed out that he still hasn't bought me a car. ;)

Pete took me home from Dave and Kim's wedding on August 12th, 2003 (our first time walking down the isle together). We sat in the car for what seemed like hours that night...talking. I remember looking at my feet while sitting in the car and thinking "this is the kind of guy I want to marry". I was taken away by his charm and the strong leadership he conveyed. I respected him so much and was in awe of him. I always knew I needed a husband who would be the leader in my life - someone I could trust with everything and who would help guide me through and protect me the whole way. He's all that and more.

I'm SO proud to call Pete my husband. I love him so very much and he's going to be an amazing father to our little one. HOORAY!