Petuna Marlip's 31st Birthday

Pete turned the big 3-0 this year. I wanted to spice it up and go hog wild in his honor. The plan was to pick up a Harley, ride to Harvey Field to skydive and then if we survived, to go on a nice ride in the afternoon. It was all going to be a surprise, but I have a really hard time not telling Pete about surprises I have planned (doh!), especially when I'm so freaked out/nervous/excited about the plan! I broke down and told him the plan a couple weeks before our birthday and he was totally game. He was actually excited to find out about it so he could experience the anticipation while waiting for the big day.

When we woke up on our birthday morning it was all cloudy and our dive was canceled (I'll admit, I was somewhat relieved). I didn't really intend to tell you about our birthday weekend in this post...but I guess since I'm here to document the skydive, I might as well write about our birthday weekend and save the skydiving for another post (since it didn't actually happen on our birthday).


Kyle and Kari came down from Bellingham and took us out to dinner Friday night (our birthday was Saturday). My parents watched the kids and it was so fun to have a night out on the town. I LOVE going downtown and often find myself wishing we went downtown more often. So anyway, we went to Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant. Kyle and Kari went to Vietnam earlier this year, so it was really fun to let them choose all the food and hear about how it compared to the real thing once we were eating it. The food was really good and I highly recommend you try it if you're craving a night out in Seattle.
When we're with Kyle and Kari we tend to linger over our meals (maybe this just happens any time we don't have kids with us?) and stuff ourselves silly (there was a lot of food to be eaten!). We love spending time with K&K and only wish they lived closer so we could get together more often. It was a wonderful treat!After dinner we decided to walk through Belltown and take in some fresh air. It was quite random, but Pete and I ran into 3 different people we know...all by walking down one street! Actually, Kari and I thought Pete and Kyle were hiding from us as we were walking ahead of them and all of the sudden looked back and didn't see them. So Kari and I ducked around a corner to throw them off...and they didn't show up - finally we realized that the group of people chatting down the block actually included our men. Ha! Pete and I were feeling quite popular by the end of the night with these random people sightings...

We made our way back to the car and headed back to my parents house.


In the morning, once we found out we wouldn't be skydiving that day, Pete and I slowly gathered up the girls and dropped them off at my parents house. Off to Burien we Eagle Rider - where we were renting a Harley.

Actually, their website showed that they rent scooters as we were very seriously debating switching it up and getting 2 scooters instead of the Harley...because that might have been more fun. On the way to the place I was reminded of one of Pete's long time bucket list items - to suit up in full leathers and ride around town on a really dorky little scooter. Based on the website, Eagle Rider didn't have dorky little scooters and Pete doesn't have full leathers, but we decided it would still be fun to ride newer faster scooters. Low and behold, just as we'd made up our minds...we arrived and asked about the scooters and were informed that in 3 months no one had rented scooters and so they had just (the week prior) shipped the scooters to their location in California.

Harley it was.
We rented a Fat Boy...because you know, that's what Arnold rode in Terminator 2. It's a heavy machine. Yikes. It was our first time on a Harley and poor Pete had to have a passenger on back for his first Harley ride - we were both a little nervous! My big gift to him that day was not only skydiving with him, but riding on the back of a motorcycle with him. That might sound strange, but I rode motorcycles before Pete did...and then when he got into it, we had our own bikes. I never quite felt comfortable riding on back when I myself knew how to ride (control freak? maybe). As a result of my motorcycle independence, Pete never went through that whole 'girlfriend on the back of the bike' phase. Our time riding together consisted of stopping at red lights next to each other and chatting (probably saying all sorts of sweet nothings...). Here we are back in the summer of 2006 when we had the same make and model of motorcycles (the first time)...

So anyway, we went for a ride to Timbuktu...and ended up in some crazy place we'd never heard of before. I enjoyed looking at the farms we went by...and on every corner I made sure to look to the outside of the turn (control freak I tell's way to nerve wracking to look into the corner when you aren't in control of the bike!). After a few hours of riding, we headed back to my parents house so I could nurse Charlotte before we headed to dinner. 
Off we went to Seattle. We met up with our friend Brandon for dinner at La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard. We had another great meal, and after, we wandered down to D'ambrosio Gelateria. Oh. My. Word. It was the best gelato we've had since we were in Italy! No wonder there was a long line out the door! It was well worth the wait. 
We wandered over to a little park where we ate our gelato and talked for quite a long while - until I was getting a bit chilly and realized that we still had to make the trek home on a motorcycle...and then get to my parent's house to pick up the girls so we could get to church in the morning. The girls transferred to their beds quite well and to sleep we all went. 
We managed to get to church somewhat on-time - I took the girls and Pete rode the Harley. After church Pete went to return the bike in Burion while I packed a picnic lunch. When Pete returned we headed out to Boeing field to catch a glimpse of the Blue Angels from our tailgate. We meant to grab ear plugs for the girls, but had forgotten them in our rush to get out the door.
 Hailey thought the Blue Angels were pretty cool and didn't mind that daddy was covering her ears when they passed by. Charlotte on the other hand...was a little wiggle worm and squirmed all over every time I plugged her little ears. 
The show wasn't nearly as good as it would have been if we had been on the lake performance side, but we didn't have time to waste in trafic - as our family was coming over in the afternoon and we still had some preparations to make at home. We were glad we got to see what we did though. It's pretty incredible to see those Blue Angels land and take off too!
The family came over and we celebrated Pete's birthday by having a 'wall raising' party. :) You see, Pete built a 10'x20' wall for our new shed and he even sheathed it just like his shed building book suggested! But then when it was time to raise the wall - it was quite heavy for his one man team! So it was sitting for a while just waiting for some strong men to help get it into position. I told the guys that dinner wouldn't be put on the grill until they got the walls up (because the grilling job does belong to the men, right? ...or maybe I just didn't want to be responsible for overcooking our flank steak!). The ladies chatted it up while the guys were working for their food.  

...and before long both walls Pete had built were standing! It was really starting to look like a shed!! I was SOOOO super excited to see two walls up! 

Dinner was on (with Kenny and Jason minding the grill) and the traditional Young family birthday meal was served - marinated flank steak - and it was a big hit!

The candles on the cake blew out with the breeze as soon as I stepped foot outside. All 30 of them. We sang...and it was beautiful. I just hope that all the neighbors were outside to enjoy our lovely song. My mom made a gluten free chocolate donut cake with dark chocolate frosting and it was delish!

Some Boccie Ball was played (I love that game!), some swinging was had (that's Gigi!) and dancing on our new 'stage' was the cool thing to do (rad).
~~*~It was a very full weekend - and I loved every minute of it!!~*~~
Skydiving post coming soon...I promise!
Yes, it DOES make sense...sheeeesh!