Place your bets!

Boy or Girl... which will it be?

My ultrasound is scheduled for this Thursday (the 23rd - also our 8th monthiversary).

The heartbeat was 136 bpm at our last appointment (which was our 16 week - they said the baby was probably sleeping and not to base anything off of the HB).

I like eating sugar....and don't like eating chicken while pregnant.

Orange juice is oh so good.

I'm carrying out front (basketball shape, not watermelon).

My skin was great during the 1st trimester, but as I entered the 2nd my face broke out and hasn't stopped (couldn't possibly be related to eating so much sugar...).

I was sick throughout the 1st trimester (as in throwing up).

Make your guesses!

PS - Pete and I worked on the card (above) together. He helped design it and I assembled. We are going to ask the technician to not tell us the sex, but to leave the room and put either the boy or girl label in its place and put the card in the envelop and seal it up for us. We will go on a date that night and open it up to discover what this little tyke inside my belly is.

You will get to see the inside of the card with results next week! :)