posting from venice

hi! we are in Venice right now. our trip started off pretty well, hailey did very well on the flights over. the first night was a little rough....on our first night in varenna we got up at 3 30am to play with her for a while... the hotel we stayed in was wonderful, beautiful views of lake como and a nice walk from town. we hiked to the shortest river in italy and went to bellagio as well. varenna is so pretty. we felt bad for our neighbors as hailey screamed for at least a good half hour each night in the middle of the night. we arrived in venice yesterday....and ate at a wonderful place outside the tourist area...i had the best risotto ever with a plate of vegi's and water and a huge jug of wine...all for 11euro. we had gotten a bit lost on our way to find dinner and ended up taking the longest way home and had hailey out much too late. she started screaming as we walked back to our room....and we couldn't make her stop screaming. it was a bit crazy....this schedule change has been a bit hard on her. usually she can just sleep while we carry her, but she was not having it and wanted to let all of the venetian's know. we just kept walking....hoping to find our way. today we walked all over and discovered that we really had gone to the far reaches of venice for dinner and were so far away from the tourist area it was no wonder we were so lost.

we've managed to have gelato every day since arriving. it's wonderful! oh, the first night...a bird flew into our room. that was fun. hailey was going back and forth from scared to giggling. we were chasing the bird around trying to get it out... pete finally caught it with a bag and released it out the window.

everyone loves hailey. they all turn and talk to her. she loves hearing them talk...and just smiles really big. pete thinks it's annoying because we get stopped everywhere for people talking to her...and i have to agree a little bit...when they are talking to her and then me...and i have no idea what they're saying (other than ciao bella) so i just smile and say ciao as we walk away.

time is running out on our interwebs pass. all the wifi we've found is (much to pete's disappointment) locked down.

love you all...and we'll post again in the future (hopefully with some pics).