Pregnancy #2 - 16.5 weeks

I noticed that I haven't posted much about being pregnant this time around, so here goes.
This pregnancy started off with lots of nausea. At one point near the beginning I was pretty convinced that I was having twins because my nausea was so bad. I think after you have a baby things get busy, and you tend to forget just how bad the first part of pregnancy was....because when I dig deep into my 1st pregnancy memories - I do remember that the nausea was horrible and I didn't understand how anyone would ever get pregnant again after going through that much suffering. But then comes the baby and things are blissful and you go on with life and forget all about the nausea you once had...and then BAM! you get pregnant again and are reminded of the fun thing called the '1st trimester'.

Well, I will say that this pregnancy has been filled with early bedtimes and lots of nausea - but much less throwing up! I think this was due to me always reminding myself that I needed to eat before I got hungry. The problem always was that I never really felt hungry - and I think that's what got me in trouble with the throwing up. This time, I made myself eat even when I didn't want anything...and there was much much much less throwing up involved. I felt nauseous, but the total times I actually threw up was far less! I mean for a while in the first pregnancy, I was throwing up almost daily. This time it was like once a week or less!!!
My energy is just coming back and I'm enjoying staying up until 10pm some evenings (though I'm usually in bed by 8pm).

Sleepy Shauna is back. :( I randomly asked Pete if I've been talking in my sleep because I did that a lot during my first pregnancy...and he said, "Actually, yes. You yell at me in your sleep when I come to bed." So I was like, what??! And he explained that almost every single night when he comes into the bedroom I yell at him about having laid awake for hours or that the lights have been on for hours keeping me awake or I complain that he's been sooo loud while I'm trying to sleep.... he said at first he didn't realize that I was asleep and he sat there trying to understand me and once he figured out what I was saying he tried to explain to me that he had just turned the hall light on, or that he had been reading a document on his computer for the last 2 hours and couldn't possibly have kept me up. But he said my words were all jumbled and after trying to figure out what I was saying, he finally realized that I wasn't awake and he couldn't reason with me. I was leaving out vowels again (Pete says I leave out only vowel sounds when I am sleep talking). So.......sorry Pete! I have no recollection of these wonderful late night exchanges and I'm sorry to be so mean!!! It's not me, I swear - it's Sleepy Shauna, she's out to get me!!!

For a while there I was having these horrible nights that were filled with stress over the babies well being. I would lay awake for hours in the middle of the night feeling like something was wrong with the baby. I felt this way in the daytime too, but it was easier to ignore during the day. I don't know why these feelings were so strong. These weird feelings have slowly diminished as I've now heard the heartbeat at two different appointments (thank you Lord!). I never went through such strong emotional swings about Hailey not being okay when I was pregnant with her... I am just assuming that a combination of stress and more stress caused these scared/worried feelings. I'm really glad they're almost all gone though!

Just this morning Pete felt the baby move! I was laying there quite amazed at how much movement I felt inside of me and so I grabbed Pete's hand and put it on my belly. He felt it moving about! The little one was very very active this morning and it was the most noticeable it's been so far. I've had the flutters off and on for a couple weeks now, but this felt like a little baby bouncing around and around. It was pretty awesome. :)

So far I've had 2 dreams about us having a baby girl. If it's a boy I will be surprised - mostly because I have no idea what I'd name a boy. I don't have a preference one way or the other, I'm just hoping for a healthy baby. But for some reason these dreams come and I start to feel like it's a sign (thanks for that Kari!). Weird I know. But remember, I had a dream about Hailey being a girl and in my dream she was a dark haired girl - just like Hailey was. In the latest dream the baby was a girl and had light features (blond hair). I was researching home births and came across a name I've liked for a long time and it made me tear up a bit. I put it together with the middle name we would probably use for a girl and Pete actually likes it so we'll see! I keep trying to come up with boy names and well, nothing is hitting my creative palate. The names I've thought of are pretty boring and unexciting. I guess we have some time...and in just 3-4 weeks we'll have an ultrasound and will know what gender we have to focus the name game on. ;)

Speaking of gender...I am thinking about running to Walgreen's to pick up a gender test. One part of me doesn't want to ruin our special 'big reveal' date night as I have such fond memories of our big reveal last time. I will never forget the moment I opened the card, teared up and then embraced Pete as we celebrated together. Anyway. I will probably believe the pee-in-a-cup-gender-test if I take it now...and then will the excitement be the same when we do our big reveal? I so want to try it and see if it's right though! Argh. What to do...

Lets see belly is sticking out a bit now and I haven't gained weight yet. Well, okay so the scale might have been up one pound this morning. I have been going back and forth over this one little pound, so I'm not sure if I can claim it yet (not that I want to!). I did claim it at my last appointment, but then the next day I was back at my original weight. I'm wearing pregnancy jeans now - but I only have one pair that fit me at the moment. The rest are too big! That excited me. I am fine if I never fit in the bigger sizes. I know, keep dreaming...right?

I think I've posted enough pregnancy stuff for now - it was a brain dump of sorts. I'm going to go try to figure out what to make for dinner...over and out!