Pregnancy eating habits, projects and other things

So....I'm 32 weeks pregnant and still feeling quite tired all the time (as in, winded upon going up 5 stairs). I'm not sure my iron supplements are doing the trick - even though I'm on double the dose. Maybe I should be tripled up at this point...which reminds me that I'm out of my iron supplements after I take one more dose tonight (guess you know what I'll be doing tomorrow!). I think the underlying issues here are my dislike of grocery shopping and cooking (other than breakfast, for some reason I love making breakfast). This great dislike causes me to 'get by' with my eating, and therefore, I don't fill my body with all the proper nutrients. I struggle in this area. Big time. I will do well for a while and then...I fail.

I never really feel hungry. I think I'm eating out of habit at this point (in the 1st trimester the motto was 'eat or barf' so I chose to eat). I snack through the day (not usually on junk, but on nuts, raisins and things like that) ...and when it comes time to eat dinner (which is where I imagine I should be working on that iron intake), I'm not hungry. It's not until Pete walks through the door that I think, oh right...I need to make dinner. Then it's a matter of, "what should I make??" and by this time, I'm so worn down that I look for the easiest possible thing and badda bing, I make something somewhat bland and boring and by the time I start cooking and we eat, it's usually pretty late and I'm left feeling unsatisfied because I feel like I should have provided more nutrients to my family at mealtime.

It seems I don't have much brain power to figure out what to even make for dinner these days. I have good intentions, really, I do - sometimes it just doesn't pan out. Example: I bought some ready to grill steak kabobs at the local market last week thinking, "I need to eat more meat!" and I ended up forgetting about them sitting there in the fridge and had to throw them out today. I also had some peppers and onion to add to the grilling...and since I didn't use the steak, I didn't use the vegi's and now those are also going bad. A waste of money and good food. :( I guess all this to say....I need to be eating better and it's like my brain has totally shut off on how to do that without being in the kitchen all day. Somehow I manage to give Hailey (and sometimes Pete) the right stuff, but even tonight as she ate spaghetti w/meatballs and steamed broccoli, I couldn't bring myself to eat the same because they were leftovers (I don't know why, but I'm really turned off by leftovers!).

I guess I'm realizing that I need to do something to fix this problem, but it takes so much energy to do that. That's the big issue. My lack of energy is caused by my malnutrition and since I'm already so low on energy, it seems to be an even greater task to get enough energy to fix the problem.

When I do make a delicious meal that I know is packed with goodness, I feel great about it. But it just doesn't happen near as often as I'd like.

So. There you have it. My thoughts. My frustrations. This topic came about as I sat here reflecting on my meal choice tonight. I had a microwaveable bean burrito (it took all of one minute and 15 seconds to cook) and some goldfish crackers for dinner. Ug. I knew it wasn't helping me, but it was easy and I was tired and knew I needed to eat I went for the easiest thing i could get my hands on.

Why can't I just be an amazing grocery shopper/chef and whip up the right kind of stuff for my family like it's no big thing? I just wish I had a personal chef so I could eat all the right things and not have to think about it. That would be SO dreamy....
Back to the iron problem. I did get a cast iron pan in hopes that it would help me get more iron in my body. I thought it would be a pain to use, but after making pancakes, eggs and even grilled cheese sandwiches in it today, I LOVE IT! It's super easy to use/clean and I hope hope hope that this new pan will help me get some extra iron in my body. After looking at this linky I think I'll be making my scrambled eggs and everything else in my new pan every time!
Other pregnancy news is that my hips and general pelvic region have been doing some widening this past week (or that's how it feels). I woke up one morning and was like, "woah, um....OUCH - wha happen?!". It was a bit painful to walk around that day...youchy, I don't remember it being so sudden when I was carrying Hailey, but this time I guess my body just knows what to do and thought it would prepare - seems so early... My jeans are still fitting, so I guess the hips haven't really moved that much, but ouchy ouchy it feels like things are getting ready for a baby to head on through (pun intended...).
We are pretty sure we settled on a name for our little one. Pete keeps bringing back Hamburglar, but don't worry folks, I won't let that get on the birth paperwork!! I don't want to jinx the whole thing though, so I'll say we're still discussing (and we I have to keep telling Pete the name is NOT going to be hamburglar!).
This little girl is crazy busy inside me. At night she likes to practice gymnastics. I think she's getting pretty good at headstands. Speaking of, she's head down and has been for a couple weeks. The day she flipped was wEiRd. I felt like my water was going to break at any moment and wanted to puke (okay, I didn't WANT to puke, I just felt like I was going to...). After that day I noticed that her little feet and hands had swapped places and well, that was confirmed at my midwife appointment.

House projects are coming along. We now have ALL of the doors replaced/installed! Only a few closet doors are painted and none have handles or knobs yet, but all of the doors are in and the trim is being worked on as I type! The house is still a total wreck in certain areas. I finally got the kitchen back in order and that feels good to have one room done. Well,'s not even done, but it's closer to done than the rest so I guess that's something to smile about. :) Pete's painting the dining room trim right now and hopefully we'll be able to get that room back to normal so we can eat together once again. When the weather is cooperating we eat outside, but lately the mornings have been really cold and we've been eating in the kitchen (where there's only room for one adult to sit at the moment).
Other big news is that we bought a boat this week...and no, you can't have a ride - yet. ;) I have always said that I only want a boat if it has a place to sleep and prepare some food. I don't have much interest in ski boats (fun to go out on, yes, but I have always wanted a cruising boat - one we can go visit the San Juan islands on and that the girls could nap/play on in a spot out of the sun) . Not that we were looking for boats at this point in our life (though I always joke about how Pete's old car is taking up space for our imaginary boat)!

I don't know why Pete was looking at boats on craigslist. Well, okay...I guess I know him well enough now to know that he's always looking at things on craigslist and so when he found this boat for sale for a reasonable within budget (which was very low) price....he left my browser open to the ad so I would see it in the morning. The next morning I discovered what he'd been eying and he promptly IMed me from work to ask if I saw the boat he found on CL. So....yes, I saw it and agreed...sure, let's go look at this project boat. We took my brother Jason and away we went to look at this potential driveway space hog. Oh boy. A project it is.

Pete announced that he would (finally) sell his 1992 audi (that has been sitting in the driveway for too long not being used) and that he would work on getting rid of the motorcycle we still have in the garage (that one needs a little work before he can sell it, but he said he'll get it done).

So. With these statements made and a couple nights of discussing and sleeping on the decision....Pete took his mom and step dad Kenny to look at it (Kenny has done boat restoration stuff before - so I really wanted his opinion on the thing) and home they came, boat in tow.
The good news is that the boat only has about 20 hours on a rebuilt engine and the engine sounds great. I guess the engine it has is a very good engine and pretty common, so he's not worried about the engine being an issue at this point. And he likes tinkering on ya. The major work that needs doing is replacing all the upholstery, installing some seats and painting the boat (it's mostly sanded down, the guy that sold it was mid-restore and his job has taken him traveling all over and left him with no time to work on the boat). looks a bit crappy right now, but the idea is that with some 'quick and easy' (yeah right) fixing up it should turn a decent profit. Of course we might keep it as a nice little family boat for a while before the profit... The other reassuring thought behind the purchase was that we could probably get our money back out of it easily selling it as is if we decide it's too big of a project.

I had no hopes of it getting it in the water this year (I think we'll be a little occupied with a new baby!), but Pete is sure he'll be testing the waters sometime this summer. And by testing the waters, I really mean...he'll be testing his boater skills (currently very low) and will be praying that he doesn't crash into anything or that the boat doesn't sink as he takes the boat on a test run in the marina. The idea would be to stay near land/dock in case of malfunction. Oh, also the goal is to go during the week in the middle of the day when it's really overcast and the launch area is empty. It might take a while to learn how to do all this. Pete will be taking the online boating safety course and will I'm sure be reading lots and lots of stuff on the web about boating to get more familiar before he takes the big plunge....

Anywho, so things are crazy around here and we (as always) have a ton of work to do on various projects. We might be crazy for buying an old project boat (did I mention that the boat is older than I am?!)...but I guess crazy or not, we are always up for an adventure (we tend to likes ones that have potential to turn a profit) and Pete likes garage projects - so I just hope the boat doesn't become a nightmare of a project.
I should probably mention Hailey at least once in this here it is. It appears that she likes to cook (at least someone in this family does!). I guess it's a little too early to tell if it will stick, but for now, she likes to dump things in her pots and stir them around. It's cute. She's cute. :)
If you have made it this far, go you! There's a lot of text this time and I'm sure I could write a bunch more, but it's past that time where I'm extremely tired and really need to catch some z's...