Pregnancy - the 2nd go round.

Due Date: September 10th

Well here I am, about to head off to Maui. But first, I feel the need to get some of this important info out there. :)

Towards the very end of December I started having very wild dreams again - they had gone away once I had Hailey so the first thing I thought when I had my first crazy dream was "oh my gosh, I'm pregnant". I took tests. It was too early. They said negative. I knew something was up and I wasn't going to give up so easily.

On January 4th or 5th I took another test and this time there was the faintest of lines indicating pregnancy. The next morning I took the 2nd test and the line was just a little more visible, so we determined that it must be true. I'll mention that this was right after I had my fake period (that's all I'll say about that).

So anyway. We decided that we are pretty blessed (okay, I didn't really think of it as being blessed at first, but knowing that others in the world don't have it so easily...I have come to accept the 'blessed' status) and aren't one of those couples who have to try and try for months and months. When we got pregnant with Hailey we were a bit shocked at our one hit wonder...and well, here we are again.

Enough of those details - on with the fun. Puking.

I first threw up the week before last and it was then that this whole pregnancy thing hit me. I'd been extremely tired and nauseous all of January, but when I actually threw up it was yet another sign - it's true. Baby number 2 is really in there. I have only thrown up a few times - so I'm pretty happy with that. With Hailey I threw up almost every day. I think the key to not throwing up is to eat ALL the time and to eat even when I don't feel hungry - which is pretty much all the time. So I have saltines by the bed and of course my water...and I've given up on having clean teeth when I sleep because I seem to always need an extra cracker or two before I really fall asleep and by that point I'm much too comfortable to get up and brush the teeth yet again.

I will say...when I was first throwing up I was almost convinced that I had twins in there, because I was sure my morning sickness was much worse than it had been with Hailey. But now that I've remembered the morning sickness I had last time, this time isn't all that different, so I've passed that thought into the background.

I will say that I feel as if I'm in a constant state of motion sickness (this part is new). Pete tries to rub my arm and though it's out of love, I find myself feeling dizzy and need him to stop immediately. Poor guy. He's just trying to be supportive - but for now the touching is just not okay.

Ahhh.......I'm pregnant.

I know I am complaining a lot here, but I really do want to remember all of this, so bear with me. I'm sure things will get better in a few weeks and then I'll be feeling great and my little belly will be popping out (not that it hasn't started a teeny bit already....). Actually, speaking of my belly...I never really got rid of the belly fat layer from last time - so now with my uterus fluffing up again, my little fat roll is hanging over my jeans (SO gross). I think I'll be wearing my maternity jeans here soon. Ew.

As for Maui - I'm wearing my yoga pants on the plane and not even taking jeans - comfort before fashion for me! :)

Oh, and one last thing - I just told my family (and everyone here) this week. I haven't told work, and I'm hoping I don't have to for a while - but I don't know how long that will last. People keep making weird comments hinting at me getting pregnant again soon. Or there's the time this week, when one of my employees told me "I thought you were announcing that you were pregnant" after my boss told everyone I had big news in our all hands staff meeting. In the staff meeting I replied "Me?? No, no news here....I don't have any news....NOPE." and then my boss finally helped me figure out that he was meaning I should announce to the team that Pete had turned in his notice. I was so confused.

Anywho. Thanks for reading. Off to Maui we go!