Projects & 15 Month Hailey Update

I have a moment to write, so here goes - a quick look into what we've been doing to keep ourselves busy with lately.

House projects:

  • painting (the laundry room is no longer bright blue and the pink tinted white that was on most of the walls has been replaced with a light beige)
  • installing new doors (and painting them)
  • replacing trim (well, so far this includes removing trim and trim shopping)
  • removing wallpaper (a project started long ago, but stopped half way through...maybe this time we'll finish?)
  • installing window coverings in the dining room

Wow, the list looks small, but trust me...our house feels like a construction zone and these are not quick and easy jobs.Our office is a perpetual paper mess and an inevitable 'stow it' spot - we're trying to figure out how to make it both functional and livable as it's never felt like either.

Pete's job is going extremely well, so we're feeling very very blessed that we took that stressful leap of faith back in February. He's finally getting recognition for his awesome work and it feels good! What can I say, I'm really proud of him.

Hailey is still just as awesome and cute as ever. She just started saying 'mama' in a new fashion this week - she wanders the house calling "mama" and "mommy" over and over and over and over. It's super cute.

She loves coloring and will sit there at her little desk with her paper and crayons for quite a long time. She always wants to color and I'm glad I found this little red table at ikea in the as is section - it was a great inexpensive addition to her room! She likes coloring, but doesn't like being read to so much. She is finally getting over the whole chewing on books thing. She likes pulling books out of her cabinet, but she won't usually sit still long enough for us to finish reading her a whole book (even the short ones!).
Hailey is in her training underwear today - I figured I should really get on it if I plan to have her out of diapers by the time the next one comes (I'm not hard core about this at all, I'm expecting that she will still be in diapers by that time...but who knows, doesn't hurt to try, right?). She's down for a nap now - so we'll see if she's wet when she wakes up (she went pee right before going down so I'm hoping she makes it!). She has been in the training underwear since morning and so far, so good (it's now 4pm). We've been working on signing "toilet" and trying to get her to walk to the bathroom when she needs to go. So far, her signing is not the clearest and I think she only does it when I do it first. She is pretty good at walking into the bathroom to indicate she needs to go though..

We haven't yet figured out how to deal with being out and about when she needs to go - she likes to have her potty seat to sit on by herself and it's a bit too stressful to try to go without it so I pretty much totally ignore the potty training thing when we're out and about. She gets fussy if she has to go though. If I really want to get her to be consistent, I suppose I'll have to figure out a way to make her comfortable on the big seat at some point soon.

Hailey is really good at going up and down the stairs. We let her roam the house for the most part and she goes up and down, here and there as she likes - and without supervision. Now if only she'd stop opening the kitchen cupboards... Speaking of the kitchen cupboards, I told her something she was holding was garbage the other day and she walked over, opened the cupboard up and tossed the garbage in the garbage can (we didn't teach her that!). Then began my 2nd guessing over our recent efforts to teach her not to open the cupboard doors.

Some words Hailey uses frequently: mama, dada, hi, baby (she says "hi baby" through my belly button - as daddy instructs her to), Ella, more, please (okay, so when she says please it's just a drawn out version of more...she'll say more and we tell her to say "more please" and she responds with a drawn out "MMMMMMMMMoooore" in a slightly sweeter voice and with a twinkle in her eye)

The other day Pete asked her to repeat words he was saying...and she answered "mah" for everything.

I started working on making letter sounds (these are the things we do when she has to poop and is taking a while to push it out on the toilet). I hold up a letter and say something like "this is the letter P - the P makes a pah sound, can you say pah?" She was doing really well with the P, D and the F and after a bit of work would make the correct noise when I held up the letter and asked her what the P, D or F sounds are. I was super impressed. So...I guess toilet time has been good in more than one way. I'm sure if I ask her today she won't remember, but repetition is key, right?

Swim class is going well. After I tell her it's okay to get in she gets on her belly and slides into the pool almost all on her own. This week we spent time working on 'falling' skills. She stands on a floating mat and we practice falling in, turning around in the water and grabbing for the mat. I've been really happy with the classes and have seen so much growth from the first week. She is mostly comfortable with the back float now (she hated it the first few weeks) and does really well holding her breath for the underwater swims. We have a few more classes in this session and then we will be moving into the next level for the summer session.

I wrote the above last week and never hit publish...

I do have an update about Hailey's signing - after working on signing 'toilet' this past week Hailey is now *sometimes* signing when she has to go. I'm pretty impressed with how quickly she picked up on the sign! I walked in the other day when she woke from her nap and she signed 'toilet' so I took her to the toilet and she went right away - woohoo!!! Oh ya, and my update about her nap - she had dry underwear when she woke up. I might just get her totally potty trained in time before the next diaper wearing one comes along. Now that's something to get excited about! :)

We went to Hailey's 15 month check up yesterday. Our little girl is still so tiny. She weighs 20.4 lbs!! She's right on track on her growth chart though, so there's nothing to worry about there - she's just petite. Her iron was checked and it was normal (whew!).

We have eliminated bottles and are just giving her milk and water throughout the day (from a cup). She is now sleeping through the night without having the before bed fill up (she seemed to have weened herself from that one over the last few weeks as she would only drink an ounce or so before bed). Her diapers in the morning are sometimes dry. Woot!

She is hilarious. She rolls her eyes and makes funny faces to make sure everyone laughs. She was hamming it up for the pediatrician (when she wasn't getting poked and prodded that is). We just can't get enough of this little girl.