Ready for Christmas

Pete and I made an amazing discovery this weekend as we were looking through the garage (which is far from unpacked). There was a large black garbage bag that was begging to be opened. I remember seeing that bag up in the shed at our old house and thinking it must have been full of my old stuffed animals (I have a bag like this somewhere...). I was excited to see my old childhood animals, so I ripped open the bag...only to find....CHRISTMAS stuffed animals that I'd never seen before!

The people who owned the house before I bought it must have left it up there in the rafters. ...and all those years of living there, I never touched the bag. Well, this got me in the Christmas spirit. In fact, there's this one puff ball thing that is so cute I put it in our house.

I was surprised at how clean they all were too! Included in the mix is Santa and even one of those old bears with the scarf and the little button on his foot and a red heart that lights up as it plays Christmas songs. I even sang some jingle bells batman smells on the way to work this morning! :) I'm getting so excited to for the Christmas tree decorating and the hot chocolate drinking by the fire! WOOHOO!