Recent Favorites...

Recent as in....sometime in the last 3 months or so. I haven't looked at pictures much lately and I certainly haven't done anything with here's my attempt at doing something with pictures. :)

 In other news...we went to Vegas on our first ever trip away from both kids. It was epic. Meaning...I got sick (imagine alternating chills/sweats, and all energy completely gone...I was knocked out in bed an entire day - and the stupid thing? It was all for a lame cold, not even like a 'real' sickness) and then Pete got it the following day (just in time for the worst flights ever (never do a connection from Vegas). Imagine being stuck on planes on imagine having to pee really badly and not being able to get out of your seat for the hour that you're stuck on the runway waiting for take off - yup, that was me. And then getting seated next to a guy who smelled like he hadn't showered in months and though I didn't see anything lit, it seemed that I was smoking a cigarette just by sitting next to the guy. Ugh. But other than that little sickness inconvenience, it was great having some one on one time with my man. I mean, I actually got to talk to him and notice his beautiful eyes. And I got to lay in bed all day - how often does that happen at home with two little ones under foot?? Never.

We did have one full day there before I got sick and we had fun. We went to the Criss Angel show and that was pretty cool. And we even went to a club for some radical people watching. We played a game of pool...and that was quite humorous as we both couldn't seem to hit any balls (embarrassing). We also walked the whole strip and checked stuff out. We didn't make it to the stratosphere though....we were planning on doing some rides, but those plans were set for the following day... and then I got sick and all plans were tossed out the window.

I managed to pull myself together at 10pm the night I fell under the weather and I found my way to a poker table to play some no limit texas hold em. I had SO much fun playing. It's been years, but my mad skills came right back and I more than tripled my money in just under 2 hours. :) Pete was pretty proud of me. Speaking of Pete, I totally posted that picture of him above because well, I thought it was awesome that I got him to pose next to a flower (he wasn't so fond of the idea). Thanks for taking care of the girls M&D Myron and M&D Young - what a blessing! 

 We went to the aquarium for Hailey's birthday. The girls really enjoyed it and so did we. Hailey kept shouting "I found Nemo! There he is daddy, do you see him?"  :) I'm hoping to post up about her birthday in another I'll spare you the details here.

And lastly, I just LOVE these girls and these bedtime pictures are so so sweet. Charlotte always crawls into Hailey's bed and I thought it would be fun to let them sleep in the same bed one night since they looked so cute. didn't work. I did get these cute pictures though! :)