Rough Day

Last night Hailey woke up around 1am and started crying (er, screaming) and nothing seemed to quiet her. It was as if she was scared of something. Pete and I took turns consoling her. She wouldn't eat and since that seems to be the fix all - I wasn't sure what to try (other than just cuddling her while she was screaming in my ear). At one point I had her settled down and cuddling on me so I put her down in her crib - just hoping it would work. This didn't make her happy and she started screaming again. Pete eventually (somewhere around 2am) took her from me and did his daddy magic. He was able to bounce long enough on the exercise ball to lull her to sleep.

The day continued on with crying bouts. I took her temperature and all appeared normal. That reminds me...I am looking for some thermometer recommendations. Every time I took her temperature it was quite different (and I did it several times in a row). This is making me doubt my thermometer - well, okay...I doubted the quality of it as soon as we got it as the battery was dead upon opening the package. Anyway, if you have a good thermometer, please let me know what one you have so we can look into an upgrade.

So back to Ms. Cranky Pants. She was very needy all day. I'm feeling so wiped out and overwhelmed this evening. There were some good moments of happiness, but the crying is overshadowing them for me as I sit here. This day has totally worn me out. It was very frustrating that I just couldn't seem to make my little girl content.

Thankfully Pete is a great daddy and husband. As soon as he got home from work I handed Hailey off, laid on the couch and read a magazine for a bit.

I'm hoping a decent night of sleep will help bring back my sanity...and with that - goodnight.