Siena - beautiful!

Hello again, I'm writing as Pete is in our room with Hailey. Due to staying in locations where there are other people...I've been sensative in trying to keep her quiet. As such, she's learning to breastfeed herself to sleep. Not only that, but it's the slowest, longest process ever. I feel for those moms out there who have to do this kind of slow feeding at every feeding. She will be about out and I try to pull her off and she gets all fussy... this has made for some tiring nights (she has been slow feeding in the night and ends up in our bed...and I don't really get much sleep because I'm trying to calm my *hungry* baby who won't sleep). Last night we got up to play with her in the middle of the night because she just wouldn't go back to sleep. She seemed happy only when playing (otherwise crying). All this to say...she's become quite the mama's girl. If Pete's holding her and she starts fussing...she reaches out for me and when he hands her over and she's quiet again. It's hurting Pete's feelings a little bit, so he's having some daddy time in the room...trying to put her to sleep without me...and so here I am on the internet (for 1euro/hour at the nunnery we're staying in - a bargain!).

Anyway....Siena....beautiful!! I love it. We head to Rome tomorrow. At this point we're ready to just settle in somewhere and relax...but we have 3 more stops before heading back to Milan and flying home. We have seen so many amazing things...I will post pictures and a full trip report once we're back.

We stumbled upon a carousel on our last night in Florence and couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Hailey's first time on a carousel take place in Florence. We weren't sure if she'd really enjoy it, but so far it was our favorite part of the trip. Hailey was SO excited!! She screamed for joy over and over and kept looking at me with this really big grin and this look in her eyes like "this is the most fun I've ever had, do you see me mommy??? Isn't this so cool?!!". Pete got some great pics. It's amazing how in all of the wonderful things we've seen, the pure joy our daughter expressed is the most wonderful part of our trip. :) We just love that girl. . .

We are keeping up our 1 gelato cone/day quota. We went on a long round-about hunt for some tonight as the place right near where we're staying was closed (and it was the best so far).

We saw St. Catharine's head and thumb today.

The weather has been amazing - only one evening of rain and it was at the tail end of the day in Florence. The rest of the time it's been in the mid 70's and sunny.

Over and out!