Spring, Summer and Fall 2014

Written (and not finished) 10/24/14
I have had blogging on my mind for a while now as I realized I haven't really captured this sweet time in our lives by way of writing words. So here are the words, and maybe I'll add some pictures too.

Last year I got into the travel mile game. And by game, I mean I read a ton of blogs and forums online and then signed Pete and me up for a ton of credit cards and by doing so, I built up a nice stash of miles. One of my priorities in life is to travel with my family - but you are probably well aware of the cost each additional person in an airplane seat can cost. So this is why I decided to embark in the mileage game. It was addicting, and I'll admit, a little stressful. But, the end result is that we flew our family to Belize using travel miles I had accumulated by playing the game. My family would probably say it was worth the effort, because we had a super amazing trip and because we saved so much money on airfare (nearly free!) I was able to totally splurge and booked 3 nights on a 15 acre island that was pure paradise! If. Was. Perfect.

 We stayed in a bungalow with roaches. Oh, sorry to ruin the surprise - I guess there are roaches in paradise! I didn't mind so much because I was in awe of the whole experience there. We had a whole 4 days of multi-course meals provided 3x/day and they were so sweet and didn't mind our gluten-free requirement at all, the meals were superb. The hammocks on the beach, the clear water, the hot sun, the snorkeling on the reef, it was all dreamy. The kids were in heaven and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.