Spring weekend

What a wonderful weekend it's been (and it's not over yet - wahoo!)! I took Pete on a surprise date Friday night. He has worked so hard over the last few weeks to get our other house ready to put on the market I thought he deserved a nice relaxing weekend (the house is looking great and it's listed so we're off the hook for a little while). A friend posted a link to this event on facebook and I just knew it was the perfect way to unwind. We dropped off Hailey at my parents house and to the Tacoma Dome we went for a ridiculous dirt bike jumping, loud music, beer drinking good time. Okay, so we didn't drink any beer - but it seemed most everyone else did.
We saw a few mullets and well, they were totally awesome. There were girls dancing (think stripper dance - ug) and lots of explosives and fireworks. The girls were a bit over the top and we could have done without that part - but we decided it was perfect for the crowd- girls, beer and bikes - what more could an American guy hope for? For a little slice of the action (and not even the bike action) check out this video of Grinder Girl. :)

Pete was totally awed by the Nuclear Cowboyz. There were tons of backflips and wheelies and radical dirtbike jumping fun (all without any dirt). Date night was a huge success. Getting out of the parking lot was not so much of a success - but we finally made it out at the back of the line.
Saturday morning we headed out the door for a family day in the sun. Our first stop was the Ballard Locks. Pete had never been and it's long been a Young family tradition, so he was excited to see what it was all about. We got our fish and chips and headed over to watch the boats. The weather was SO amazing!

We discovered that Hailey is really into dogs - she kept saying 'Da' and squealing whenever we saw a dog. She even got to pet a big one. It was awesome how excited she got over all the dogs. She was in heaven dog watching while we were at the locks and just kept squealing whenever she spotted a dog.

Once we had our fill of the locks we headed over to Golden Gardens to soak in a little more vitamin D.
Hailey was NOT a fan of the sand. We took her shoes and socks off and she screamed in terror as I set her in the sand. It was pretty funny. We tried to get her comfortable with it, but she wasn't having it. She did of course love the swing!
It was nearing nap time and so we packed up and headed home. I was really excited to get to soak in the sun and work in the garden for a bit while Hailey was napping and Pete randomly suggested he go pick up the patio set we wanted from Ikea while Hailey napped.
Our friends Nathan and Katie brought some Chinese take out over and we enjoyed good their company from the comfort of our new patio set (okay, so their visit prompted Pete to go pickup the set right before they got here, but it was great to have it for their visit!).
Please ignore Hailey's red eyes in this pic - I swear she was just as happy to see them as we were! :)

Today we got up early (okay, it was 7am - the same time we get up every day with Hailey...) and went to the early service at church. We hadn't been in a few weeks, so it was good to get back on track. We caught a teeny bit of afternoon sun and went outside to enjoy it. Hailey discovered some helicopters and leaves living between our deck boards and enjoyed studying them.
Hailey is napping as I type this and Pete's tinkering in the garage (his favorite pastime!).

Potty Talk (that's your warning)

One more thing of note that I don't want to forget - Hailey is doing really well on the potty (yes, I'm working on potty training her at a year old). It's 3:30pm and the only mildly wet diaper we've seen today was due to Hailey being in the nursery at church (aka, not able to use a toilet). Hailey pooped in the toilet 3 times this weekend (2 times today) and if she has to pee, she does that too (more often than pooping in case you're wondering). We're to the point where I just ask her if she needs to go potty and if she says no, we don't go try - if she makes a 'meh' sound (her version of yes) or doesn't respond at all, we go sit her on the toilet and she goes almost as soon as she sits there. She makes this really cute face before she goes - kind of a shy smile like she's anticipating how proud I'll be. I think part of why she's doing so well is because we have mega praise parties after Hailey uses the toilet. We clap and cheer and smile tell her how good she is for using the toilet to go potty. She LOVES celebrating and so do we.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for her to get going because she likes to play with her bath toys while she's sitting there... but if she has to poop I will ask her if she's done and she'll shake her head 'no' and we wait....and then she eventually gives me her cute proud face and starts the pooping. Yesterday it took quite a while for her to get going (it was only her 2nd or 3rd time pooping on the toilet). After she peed Pete was like, "I think she's done" and as he was walking away I replied, "she said she's not done and she's happy sitting here, so maybe she'll poop..." and as I was saying that she started pooping. Ah ha! Daddy came back in and cheered and clapped with us.

It's amazing and I have a hard time restraining myself from posting all these wonderful posts about how many times Hailey has used the toilet in a day! Sorry to post it here for you all now, but I consider this is my little spot to record my thoughts and those that wish to read...well, sorry you get to learn about my daughters potty habits. I find it truly awesome though and we're SO proud of Hailey. Of course we are proud of her not only for using the toilet, but for being an awesome happy little girl we love and adore so very much.

I guess that's enough potty talk. Maybe next time I'll bore you with some of the things that happened in our lives recently that put Pete and I into ultra high stress mode for a few weeks. On second thought, maybe those things are better left unsaid here since they're mostly past and the stress level is back down on low (praise to the Lord!!).

I hope you all had a great weekend!