Strange dream

Last nights dream:

I was with Kim and Bri and my water broke or something - but I wasn't in pain. They drove me to the birth center... I was in labor for 3 minutes (and it was pain free) and Kim delivered my baby because the midwives weren't there yet. Bri washed the baby and put it on me face down...I asked what it was and Kim with a tear in her eye told me "it's a girl!" and I cried tears of joy and started talked to her and then breast fed her. She was about 7 lbs 6 oz. Then we all changed and went to lunch. I wore a pad to lunch because the placenta hadn't come out. Then I talked to a midwife and she said the placenta should have come out within 5 minutes of giving then they used tweezers to pull it out of me.

The End.