Sunshine & Good Times!

We finally got some sun yesterday and let me tell you, it was a much needed break from the rain for this momma. Hailey received a shot at the doctor's office on Tuesday and for the last several nights she has been up screaming for hours on end in the middle of the night. I'm blaming the shot since that's one of the side effects we were warned of. She's been fine otherwise, but several nights of not getting much sleep and then being stuck inside when it *should* be sunny out....made for a slightly cranky me. I should also mention the 2 hours of screaming on Friday which drove me further into my cranky disposition. Hailey was obviously super tired - she was resting her head on random objects, closing her eyes and sucking her fingers....sure signs of nap time...but would NOT take a nap and would just scream if I tried to put her down. She is normally super easy and always happy, so this was a bit wearing on me. To top it off I was having one of those, "I'm pregnant and just want to lay down" kind of days...and the whole Hailey/Shauna combo was off.

I actually started freaking out a little bit about the upcoming arrival of our 2nd daughter. In retrospect I was looking at it all wrong. I was thinking it would be impossible to handle Hailey's recent night time freak out sessions and a newborn and wasn't seeing how I would be getting any sleep at all in a few short months. But I needed to remind myself that this recent annoying night screaming has only been for a few nights and is not normal. Of course...for the last several weeks Hailey has been waking us up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom - this has been a tad bit annoying as well, but maybe she's just helping prep me for a newborn. At least she goes potty and then goes right back to sleep, that's the positive bit about the night time pee trips. My mom reminded me to be thankful for this now as it's a short period of time and it means that hopefully sooner than later she will be able to get up and go potty all on her own in the middle of the night. Let's hope!
So back to the weather. Pete was super awesome and stayed home with Hailey yesterday morning so my mom and I could go out garage sailing without the hassle of loading and unloading Hailey at every stop. It was also a nice little break from my sweet girl turned crazy night monster. I really appreciated having this time to just be out and enjoyed some crazy driving ("LEFT, there's a sign, turn left!!") and thrifty shopping with my mom. I scored a good deal on a bike seat for Hailey and was really excited to finally be able to go out and about riding bikes as a family.

On that note, I texted Pete asking if he could pump up my bike tires so we could all go for a ride when I got home. The sales seemed to be harder and harder to find and the content was bland after a while, so we headed home. We ate lunch and then prepared the bikes. Our neighbors were hosting their annual block party so the plan was to ride over there, but Pete's tires were flat and it turned out he didn't have the right equipment for pumping them up (they have tiny valves). So Pete rode my bike with Hailey in the seat while I walked next to them and we headed to the block party. We met some new people and saw some we had seen at the party last year. We also heard a new story about our crazy neighbors (turns out we aren't the only ones who have had crazy encounters with them). We didn't stay at the party long because...well honestly, I wasn't feeling all that social (my eyes were burning) and I was really excited to get out on the bikes and have some quality family time in he sun. So we headed home to load up everything in the truck.

We headed down to GHY (a bike shop in Renton) to get what Pete needed for his bike and we inflated his tires there. Then we headed off to the cedar river trail for some good times biking. It was a light work out for me, but it was fun and it felt SO good to get out and move. I've been feeling rather lazy lately, so this was the perfect date. Pete finally got to enjoy his bike (that I got him for his birthday last year and he'd only ridden a few times around the neighborhood).

We finished up our ride and headed to The Rock over at the Landing and met up with Grandpa Don and Lita for some good pizza grubbing. After our pizza we had some Shnoo yogurt. Hailey didn't like it at first, I think it was a bit cold and shocked her, but she eventually gave in and ate quite a few blueberries with yogurt.

On our way home we were driving behind Tweed - the guy who lets our cats in his house daily and feeds him. Pete made a sudden decision to follow Tweed home in an effort to get our cat back. Success! Willy was in the driveway and willingly let Pete pick him up. Pete asked once again that they not feed Willy or let him in...not like that's going to stop them! It's been a year and a half since Willy first disappeared to their house - I don't think they're going to give up so easily. Tweed mentioned that our other cat Wesley is also a frequent visitor these days. Wesley has been seen less and less around our house lately, so that there explains it...
Back at home we locked the cat door and Pete filled the dreaded litter box in honor of our cat's return. Hailey and Willy got reacquainted and Willy proceeded to run at her and head butt her - which in turn would knock her off her feet. It was awesome, she was giggling like a little girl (quite literally!). Willy slept at my feet last night and.....Hailey slept through the night! Perfect, perfect, purrrfect!

This morning I made some amazing waffles which I discovered a couple weeks ago on Orangette's blog here. I made the 'make the morning of' recipe and it was as good as they were last weekend when I made them for the first time. Delicious! I never quite knew why I had a waffle iron, but now I know why - finally a recipe that deserves to be made time and again!

Pete's heading off to work on the rental house this afternoon (new renters move in this week!) and I might just get outside to pull some weeds if the rain holds up for a bit. Things are looking up - it's amazing what a little bit of sun and sleep will do for a person. :)